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Thomas Inspired

Seems like this week is centered on the kids. Heck, who am I kidding, every week revolves around them. Last week, Thomas had me make clothes for Monkey. He was convinced that Monkey’s lack of clothing was an issue and he meticulously chose fabric and oversaw the sewing, adding important things such as tail holes and selecting the perfect snaps. Upon its completion, Thomas immediately dubbed them Monkey’s pajamas and has dressed him in the every night since.

Today? Thomas came to me and said, “Mommy, I have a problem.”

Whatever could it be?

“Well, when I tuck Monkey in at night, he’s not big enough to reach my pillow, you know, because he likes to be under the covers?”


“Well, I think he needs a pillow… I know the PERFECT fabric! Oooh! I’ll go get my scissors!!”

And off he went and brought with him his own pillow to size up how big to make Monkey’s pillow, respectively of course.

Here’s what we came up with:

He even helped stuff it and blind stitch it shut. Not too bad for a 6 yr old, huh?

The Most Important Work.

Yes, I totally worked today {it is wednesday works and all}, but my most important kind of work?

It did not involve a product photoshoot {like in the photo above}, it involved a photoshoot of a different variety…

Well, actually, it didn’t involve a photoshoot at all.

Sure, I did get some photos in…

Sunny Molly
…but the best work today was laying on the grass looking up at the clouds with this mermaid who talked her human friend to grant her wish for some legs for the afternoon.

Best Cookies, For Real.

I felt terribly last week when the best cookies ever didn’t turn out to be, well, the best. What’s a girl to do?

Well loved recipe.
I had no choice but to pull out my tried and true chocolate chip cookies. I have modified this recipe so many times, first for altitude {we are in Colorado after all} and more recently vegan. So, I pretty much follow this except for switching out the butter for earth balance and eggs are egg replacers {I use ever-g brand}.

Cream the butter and sugar.
I cream the earth balance and sugar together first and then add the rest of the ingredients {minus the flour and chocolate chips} one at a time until incorporated well.

Add Flour
I then add the flour slowly, just 1/2 cup at a time, being careful not to over mix.

All Done Yumminess!
Finally, the chocolate chips. I know the recipe says a bag, but I only add 1 cup, as I find that’s enough to satisfy everyone’s chocolate needs.

Chocolate Chip Goodness
Tonight, I actually made a cookie. Most days? It never gets past the dough stage.

hello monday {molly style}

This hello monday is brought to you by Molly. I have a Canon PowerShot that I got a couple years back. As we are going away on vacation soon {EEeee! The countdown to Disney has begun and we have only have 14 days until we head west!!} I decided to pull it out to have it packing ready to have on hand for some quickie candids and such.

Beautiful Kids
Well, it wasn’t long before the kids got ahold of it, and I suppose more specifically; my daughter.

Self portraits, by Molly
hello said daughter of my mentioning… lovely self portraits by the way.

Still Life, by Molly.
hello still life shots. You are amazingly in focus for being wielded by such tiny hands.

Thomas, by Molly.
hello views of Thomas that I would only see through Molly’s lens. I love the change in perspective that it brings.

Marcus was excited to show Molly something.
hello Marcus, you seem excited to show Molly something.

What else? Birds.
hello traces of birds in our front yard. I should have known it was you that Marcus was so anxiously awaiting to share.

The photos I took.
hello beautiful children. I love not only looking at your eyes but even more I love seeing the world through them.

Iā€™m linking up with Lisa Leonard today and her lovely hello monday link up.

Wonders of Wind

This past week has been windy {hello understatement}. So much so that Thomas asked, “Where does wind come from?”

We talked about climate changes, air pressure and conduction. Ten minutes later I asked him to explain it to me, and well… he needed some visuals.

Oh, did we have fun with that…

Wonders of Wind
First, we painted with wind to show that it has a force and a direction.

Wonders of Wind
We decided to use watercolors to show movements better. They had fun with blending the colors too.

Wonders of Wind
Then we used matches and eggs to demonstrate air pressure. The kids {especially Thomas} loved this. We originally used 1 match, which caused a minor pull on the egg… then worked up to 4 matches causing the egg to split into two. {did I mention Thomas loved this?}

Wonders of Wind
Finally, they drew what we did.

Wonders of Wind
We are home free! Hope your weekend is not too windy!

Spin Around with Short Sleeves

I finished up the second Spin Around Dress with short sleeves.

Actually, I have two options now.

I totally made up this cute pdf and I totally had plans to release it tonight, but I totally stayed up too late and finished way after Molly’s bedtime, AGAIN! šŸ™‚

Sooo… you’ll totally just have to wait until tomorrow until she tries it on, and then I promise I’ll totally share.

I really need to break this habit of late night sewing.


Come on, you were waiting for it!

psst… Here it is.

Hopeful Threads

Four months ago, I was honored by Kristy from Hopeful Threads choosing my free xxs little starter pattern as her monthly sewing project. I use the word project lightly here as she actually does something I have true respect for; she sews for charity and inspires others to join in with her.

That bucket o’preemie diapers up there? She totally sewed them all for an outreach in Cambodia. Looking over on her Facebook page, I found a whole photo section dedicated to sewing up these tiny diaper covers that women across the US sewed to donate because of her generosity. Since then, Kristy and I have struck up an email correspondence and I pretty much begged her to let me be a part of her wonderful community that she’s created.

Today she announced that I’m an official sponsor. This is my first time ever sponsoring anyone and I’m quite proud. I can’t wait to see what charity she’s sewing for in February, I sew want in! Wanna join me?


While I pondering recipe ideas for today’s in the oven, I decided to ask the kids what they wanted to make. Thomas jumped at the opportunity…

“We should make the BEST COOKIES EVER!!”

Okay, I’m game… “What’s in these cookies?”

“Oh, flour, butter… CHEESE!”…

“Cheese? In a cookie?”…

“Oh yes!!”

So, off to google I went and found just that…

CHEESE COOKIES!! Three Ingredients!
Cheddar Cheese Cookies! It surprisingly called for those exact three ingredients… Off we went on our quest to make the BEST COOKIES EVER!

Tons of cutters!
The kids also decided that instead of making balls as the recipe calls for, we’d cut out shapes.

Mix all three ingredients together
We then melted the butter and mixed the three ingredients together.

Cut the shapes.
I rolled it out and the kids picked out which shapes they wanted to make.

Put in the fridge to chill for an hour.
Then we put it in the fridge for about an hour, while Molly and I…

Go to Old Navy to buy some new jeans.
Headed to Old Navy to buy some new jeans…

And color. You have to color at Old Navy! It’s essential!!

Finally, we headed home and baked the BEST COOKIES EVER…
All done!!

And then…
Sooo Excited!!



Yeah, not what he expected...

Hmm… I don’t think they lived up to the hype.

I didn’t see that one coming, did you? I didn’t think they were all that bad… kinda like a warm Cheez-it… and flour… yeah, maybe they weren’t all that good either…

hello monday {100 Aker Wood}

This weekend was certainly a relaxing one.

…maybe relaxing is the wrong word…

More like staying in bed late and playing all day lazy kind of weekend…

Cards for no reason.
hello writing cards just because. Molly has a whole stacks of them on her bedroom shelves, maybe one day we’ll send them somewhere.

hello watching Marcus watching birds. His excitement over them never wains, nor does my excitement over him.

Sunday Sunrise
hello sunrise watching while working early sunday morning. hello Marcus, sleepy eyed, joining be an hour later for more bird watching fun.

Candy Land Tea Party
hello Candyland tea party. Molly meticulously set this all up and acted out the scene again just for me.

The Hundred Acre Wood
hello playing in the park…

Seeking Shelter
…and hiding out under trees…

…and sunset strolls…

Woah! Big Tree!
…and looking up at huge trees…

Hand in hand.
…and running, don’t ever forget the running. šŸ™‚

They just love that patch of land by our home, I’m declaring it the 100 Aker Wood {Yes, I can spell, totally writing it like Christopher Robin does on his map}. It was a great reset kinda weekend. I feel like it’s going to be a great week. How about you?
Iā€™m linking up with Lisa Leonard today and her lovely hello monday link up.

Winter Wildlife Walk

Well, kinda. I walked, the kids rode their bikes and Marcus had a glorious stroller ride that… well… you’ll see.

Since the snow has thawed a bit and the sun was shining out today we thought it would be a good idea to see what the animals and nature scene looked like in winter.
Noticing that the flowers and bugs that go along with them are gone now.
The first thing they noticed was that the flowers were gone so no bugs! Molly even stopped to take a picture of it.

Wow, the stream is frozen!
Next, they saw that the stream had frozen over and we talked about how the fish are alive and safe underneath the ice.

Spying Birds
Then we saw birds nests and tons of birds.

Marcus was soo happy to come out with us...
That was certainly the highlight for Marcus. Seeing birds always makes a smile come to his face.

...until he fell asleep.
That is, until he fell asleep.

Drawing what we saw on our walk and what we wear in the winter.
Finally, we went back home and drew everything we saw {and photographed} and talked about how animals change what they wear in the winter and so do we.

That’s all for this week folks, we are home free!

Tune in next week for more adventures with:
Marvelous Molly


Tenacious Thomas