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Christmas time is here again.

It’s only November 26th, and while I usually have a “rule” about decorating for Christmas before my birthday (on the 28th) this year, it’s already happened…

Maybe I’m getting old…

Maybe it’s just that the weather has been so odd this year that it has almost felt as if autumn never really occured…

…or maybe, just maybe, it has something to do with this little girl’s smile.

Whatever it is, it just feels right.

So, im just going to go with the flow, enjoying every minute of their childhood that I can.

Usually, the elves bring up our decorations the morning of December 1st.

I was looking back on their past visits, and came to the realization that this will be the 7th year that the elves have been with us every morning in December, helping us countdown the holiday season until Christmas arrives.

That guy up there was 8 years old when we started the family tradition.

This awesome gamer was only 2.

This littlest dude will never know anything different.

I will be blogging every morning this year, chronicling what the elves are up to. So, be sure to check back here to follow along. ❤️

Hello Dinosaur Week!

The kids have been really interested in dinosaurs lately, so we declared it dinosaur week. To kick it off, we set up this week’s trays.

  1. Fun dinos to play with and identify with our 3-part cards.
  2. “Dino”cabulary words I downloaded from K-3 Teacher Resources.
  3. Color matching and sorting dinosaurs. There are two of each dinosaur of color and kind as well as matching color tablets. Marcus is identifying and saying colors lately, so I thought this would be a fun way to reinforce it.
  4. Dinosaur 3-Part Cards I found on jojoeb’s flickrstream.
  5. Marcus “helping me” set them all up. This has become one of my favorite parts of Monday.
  6. Adding three numbers together with dinosaur bones {popsicle sticks}. Basically, the kids roll the dice, lay out popsicle sticks representing each number and Plus gathers the dinosaur bones together and brings them to King Equal, and we count them up for the total number of bones. Then, as an added bonus, they can use the wood numbers to write out their answers. Convoluted? Sure. A hit with the kids? You betcha.
  7. Measuring in centimeters. How long are these tiny dinos? I included a ruler with both metric and standard and a little measuring tape with centimeters to measure the dinosaurs.  I included a dry erase tablet so they can draw the dinosaurs along with their measurement findings.
  8. A dot exercise for Marcus.
  9. Examining rocks closely with a magnifying glass. We are talking about the three kinds of rocks and how they form. Geology is one of my favorite sciences.
To see them up close, you can head over to my flickr page by clicking on the picture of Marcus below.
All of our trays for dinosaur week.

There’s a lot more fun coming this week as well. From building dinosaurs to creating fossil cookies, we’ve got it all…Molly, practicing her mad writing skills.
That, and worksheets. The kids always love worksheets.


Today’s Trays

I know it’s probably a bit early to be calling our trays a success, but introducing them into our day has been exciting so far. The kids were a bit mixed this morning about me taking down the trays from last week, which were a huge hit, but that all changed when I put up the new ones.

Molly loved the ladybug spot counting, and Thomas quickly levitated to the number decoder. He had to match the quantity with the symbol to the written word representing a number and he was focused and intense. Lastly, they both tried out the language matching CVC cards. Thomas breezed through it with ease, while Molly had to put a bit more concentration into it, but persevered through until she had matched all 12 words with their pictures.

Every day I’m more and more impressed by them. I can’t wait to see what they’ll be up to tomorrow!

You say goodbye, and I say hello {monday}.

I received a beautiful mother’s necklace {made by the lovely Lisa Leonard} from my own mother last week. It was truly the most bittersweet gift I’ve acquired yet. You see, there are four tags on there; as I am newly and most accurately the mom to four beautiful children. Turns out that all my babies are spring babes. Most certainly not in the way I would have planned it. Our newest arrival, Henry Walter, was born still at 8:45am on May 5th. It’s amazing how one moment can change everything, but somehow also leave universe intact.

hello May 21st. 12 years ago today the man I proudly call my husband {and my better half} asked me to be his wife. Something I would have agreed to on the day that we met, and have cherished every day since.

hello fully immersing ourselves in school time. I’ve been savoring this time with the kids; watching the children grow has been both an invigorating and grounding reality.
School time highlights.

hello little things turning out to be the big things.

hello new appreciation for the “quiet”. It’s so easy to get lost in spinning, moments I am graciously welcoming from time to time.

hello muffin tin mondays. The kids look forward to every lunch time on monday {and beg for them on tuesday and wednesday and… I happily oblige}.
Muffin tin recap.

hello tooth fairy. {or should I say goodbye baby teeth?} Thomas has been holding on to his very loose two front teeth for a long time now. He lost the first while enjoying dinner {eeks! I was so afraid he’d swallow it!} and in 6 days time the second followed. He proudly exclaimed, “Sweet! Now I can eat cheeseburgers again!” Love that boy.
Teeth lost.

hello walking, warily, one day at a time, alongside my other half. Life continues. I am grateful that we continue on together.

Hey! There you are!

Long time no see, huh? I kept meaning to blog, really, it just didn’t happen. Lots of things have happened since the last time we spoke…

Oh, yeah, I’m pregnant.
Marcus was getting a way too big for all the baby modeling I needed of him, so what else did you expect me to do?

We did this huge trip to Disney Land and then took a cruise to Mexico
My favorite character photo.

Overflowing flowers.
Which was indeed, totally epic.

Oh, speaking of epic? Check out last night’s dinner:
That was epic.

Yeah, I may or may not be headed to the kitchen right now to partake in some midmorning leftovers…

What? I’m pregnant!

hello monday {molly style}

This hello monday is brought to you by Molly. I have a Canon PowerShot that I got a couple years back. As we are going away on vacation soon {EEeee! The countdown to Disney has begun and we have only have 14 days until we head west!!} I decided to pull it out to have it packing ready to have on hand for some quickie candids and such.

Beautiful Kids
Well, it wasn’t long before the kids got ahold of it, and I suppose more specifically; my daughter.

Self portraits, by Molly
hello said daughter of my mentioning… lovely self portraits by the way.

Still Life, by Molly.
hello still life shots. You are amazingly in focus for being wielded by such tiny hands.

Thomas, by Molly.
hello views of Thomas that I would only see through Molly’s lens. I love the change in perspective that it brings.

Marcus was excited to show Molly something.
hello Marcus, you seem excited to show Molly something.

What else? Birds.
hello traces of birds in our front yard. I should have known it was you that Marcus was so anxiously awaiting to share.

The photos I took.
hello beautiful children. I love not only looking at your eyes but even more I love seeing the world through them.

I’m linking up with Lisa Leonard today and her lovely hello monday link up.

hello monday {100 Aker Wood}

This weekend was certainly a relaxing one.

…maybe relaxing is the wrong word…

More like staying in bed late and playing all day lazy kind of weekend…

Cards for no reason.
hello writing cards just because. Molly has a whole stacks of them on her bedroom shelves, maybe one day we’ll send them somewhere.

hello watching Marcus watching birds. His excitement over them never wains, nor does my excitement over him.

Sunday Sunrise
hello sunrise watching while working early sunday morning. hello Marcus, sleepy eyed, joining be an hour later for more bird watching fun.

Candy Land Tea Party
hello Candyland tea party. Molly meticulously set this all up and acted out the scene again just for me.

The Hundred Acre Wood
hello playing in the park…

Seeking Shelter
…and hiding out under trees…

…and sunset strolls…

Woah! Big Tree!
…and looking up at huge trees…

Hand in hand.
…and running, don’t ever forget the running. 🙂

They just love that patch of land by our home, I’m declaring it the 100 Aker Wood {Yes, I can spell, totally writing it like Christopher Robin does on his map}. It was a great reset kinda weekend. I feel like it’s going to be a great week. How about you?
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hello monday {birthday edition}

Today marks the third three day weekend in a row for us around here. First comes christmas, then new years, and finally my mom’s birthday! We partied it up all weekend long and even snuck in a bit of school this morning. So… I know it was my mom’s birthday but…

New wide angle lens.
hello 17-40mm f4 L series canon lens… Where have you been all my life? In the few short days that you’ve been around, you’ve changed my entire view on life {through my camera at least}.

Ice Cream Cake
hello incredibly delicious homemade ice cream cake. Yes, I know you are going to live right on my hips, but hey, you are totally worth it.

hello birthday present opening time with Mom.

Cake Time!
hello birthday cake time. Again, cake=hips=totally worth it.

Molly spelled "lap" then sat in Thomas' lap.
hello to sneaking in some school this morning before more partying it up. We are working on the AP family and Molly was so excited to spell lap and demonstrate it for my iPhone camera.

Drawings at Dinner
hello drawings the kids made at dinner. We sang happy birthday to grandma {my mom} and they came out with a huge sombrero for her to wear. Yes I got pictures and no out of respect I will leave them off my blog and in your imagination.

And with that…

Bring on the rest of the week!
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