hello monday

hello monday {birthday edition}

Today marks the third three day weekend in a row for us around here. First comes christmas, then new years, and finally my mom’s birthday! We partied it up all weekend long and even snuck in a bit of school this morning. So… I know it was my mom’s birthday but…

New wide angle lens.
hello 17-40mm f4 L series canon lens… Where have you been all my life? In the few short days that you’ve been around, you’ve changed my entire view on life {through my camera at least}.

Ice Cream Cake
hello incredibly delicious homemade ice cream cake. Yes, I know you are going to live right on my hips, but hey, you are totally worth it.

hello birthday present opening time with Mom.

Cake Time!
hello birthday cake time. Again, cake=hips=totally worth it.

Molly spelled "lap" then sat in Thomas' lap.
hello to sneaking in some school this morning before more partying it up. We are working on the AP family and Molly was so excited to spell lap and demonstrate it for my iPhone camera.

Drawings at Dinner
hello drawings the kids made at dinner. We sang happy birthday to grandma {my mom} and they came out with a huge sombrero for her to wear. Yes I got pictures and no out of respect I will leave them off my blog and in your imagination.

And with that…

Bring on the rest of the week!
I’m linking up with Lisa Leonard today and her lovely hello monday link up.