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Sprightly Soaker Add-On Soaker Pattern *Updated*

I’m slowly but surely working on updating all my patterns for digital downloading, and it was brought to my attention that the freebie add-on for the sprightly soaker had been lost in interspace on the web because of expiring domains, so what better a time to update it and post it up here for all to download here.

It is a companion for the sprightly soaker pattern, soon to be available on my etsy shop. Keep an eye out!

Optional Soaker

Baby’s First Christmas; My Guest Curator Post on Sew Mama Sew

Have you been following the awesomeness that is the handmade holidays series over on sew mama sew? Everyday, for the entire month of November, a lovely lady guest posts with a specially curated list of their favorite tutorials and gift ideas from around the crafty web. In case you haven’t already guessed, TODAY is the day my curation goes live! :)

The theme I chose is Baby’s First Christmasin honor of Colin’s first christmas. I figured I would be scouring my favorite blogs anyway for ideas of things to make my little guy, I might as well share…collage

I’m so excited about continuing to be a part of the wonderful sew mama sew community. If you remember, way back in 2011, I shared my Aquarius Swimmer pattern.aquariusswimmer_16

Then again in 2014, I created my Tooth Fairy Doll Pattern just for them too.Toothfairy16

Speaking of my patterns, have you checked out Etsy yet? I heard there’s some fancy print sewing pattern designer that decided to start selling her digital patterns on there. {hint: It’s totally me}CMYP

Instant Download Patterns – Now Available on Etsy

Starting with my Crescent Moon Yoga Pants pattern, my entire Little Comet Tails Pattern line will be available on Etsy for instant download in the next coming weeks. They have all been refreshed, rewritten, and updated to make them easy to follow and pretty to look at. Speaking of pretty to look at, check out my store…

Etsy Store

I’m so excited to be releasing my PDF’s on Etsy. After all my current patterns are digitally available, I will start releasing some new patterns that I’ve been working on.  Stay tuned!

Editing lessons…

Thomas was hanging around with Colin and me while I took some product photos.  

 We got to talking about photography, and photo editing. Thomas asked why one would edit a photo, so we discussed how mood and feeling could be expressed through color and lighting. Then Thomas commissioned me to take some photos of him, to edit… 3R3A8543Off he went, returning with his lightsaber. I snapped a couple shots, then we uploaded them to my computer for some edits; Thomas style. 


Here’s what he came up with; complete with glowing saber and fire ball. What a fun little lesson we both had. ❤️ I just love watching this guy grow. 

Spin Around Dress on Sew Can She!

Have you checked out Sew Can She? It’s run by a wonderful mom named Caroline who scours the internet for sewing tutorial and posts a new one up everyday. Did you get that? EVERY DAY there is something new and FREE to sew? That is my kind of site!

Today, I’m the featured sewing tutorial! Well, more accurately the Spin Around Dress is, but you got the idea, right? Caroline asked if I would like to be a part of it and naturally I jumped at the chance.

So head on over to Sew Can She and check out some other freebies while you are there. Older featured tutorials are neatly sorted by category so it’s super easy to find a tutorial you love and get to sewing! Which we all know is a good thing.

The Most Important Work.

Yes, I totally worked today {it is wednesday works and all}, but my most important kind of work?

It did not involve a product photoshoot {like in the photo above}, it involved a photoshoot of a different variety…

Well, actually, it didn’t involve a photoshoot at all.

Sure, I did get some photos in…

Sunny Molly
…but the best work today was laying on the grass looking up at the clouds with this mermaid who talked her human friend to grant her wish for some legs for the afternoon.

Spin Around with Short Sleeves

I finished up the second Spin Around Dress with short sleeves.

Actually, I have two options now.

I totally made up this cute pdf and I totally had plans to release it tonight, but I totally stayed up too late and finished way after Molly’s bedtime, AGAIN! :)

Sooo… you’ll totally just have to wait until tomorrow until she tries it on, and then I promise I’ll totally share.

I really need to break this habit of late night sewing.


Come on, you were waiting for it!

psst… Here it is.

Hopeful Threads

Four months ago, I was honored by Kristy from Hopeful Threads choosing my free xxs little starter pattern as her monthly sewing project. I use the word project lightly here as she actually does something I have true respect for; she sews for charity and inspires others to join in with her.

That bucket o’preemie diapers up there? She totally sewed them all for an outreach in Cambodia. Looking over on her Facebook page, I found a whole photo section dedicated to sewing up these tiny diaper covers that women across the US sewed to donate because of her generosity. Since then, Kristy and I have struck up an email correspondence and I pretty much begged her to let me be a part of her wonderful community that she’s created.

Today she announced that I’m an official sponsor. This is my first time ever sponsoring anyone and I’m quite proud. I can’t wait to see what charity she’s sewing for in February, I sew want in! Wanna join me?

Cover Updating

So, I’ve been toying around with the idea of doing a bit of an update to my patterns and I finally got around to coming up with some ideas today. I thought I would share and maybe get some feedback on which you all prefer. You have to use your imagination a bit and pretend they are folded in half because what you are looking at is the front and back cover. {click on them to make them bigger}

Here’s option #1.
I’m liking it, but I’m thinking it’s… um, too simple?

…and option #2.
Now here you are going to have to go with me a bit. First, pretend that the colors match the photo on the front cover, and then secondly pretend that the photo is a well thought out, well taken, well lit, and well, a photo of a modeled little starter cloth diaper {and not the little one size diaper you see here}.

Sooo… what do you think? Am I on to something? Would you keep the product only photos that show off all the options on the cover page or would you go for a colorful modeling shot? Or would scrap it and go a completely different direction?

wednesday works {manual labor edition}

So, you know how wednesday is my “official” work day? Well, yeah… I kinda got some work done.

The lovely Rebecca of Purple Lily Boutique Facebook messaged me today that my freebie links were broken since the website overhaul! Turns out I had been forwarding the whole domain over to when I actually just wanted to forward the subdomain of over. Well, that wasn’t making my pdf’s that I host over at happy. Soo, I fixed it and now they all work again. So if you were looking to download the XXS Little Starter or maybe the Spin Around Dress, you can now go to town.

On a related note, I’m no longer offering the Crescent Moon Yoga Pants as a digital pattern. I’ve thought long and hard about this decision and it’s not one that I took lightly. I have decided that, instead of focusing my time and energies on creating digital download patterns, I am going to update and expand my print line. Look out soon for exciting things to come!

On an entirely unrelated note, there was some hard labor happening today in the Kingston household. Not the labor that ends in a beautiful baby, but the putting together and dismantling of several beds. Marcus is not only getting bigger {and needs some space during sleeping time} but he also loves to climb.

Cue the toddler bed assembly…
One up, two to go!

and the unbunking of the kids beds…
Bunkbeds coming down!

and rearranging solely by me…
Almost Done!

Well… I did have some help from my amazing new power tools that I received for christmas.

Here’s the room just a moment ago:
Right Now

…and Thomas right now…
Thomas; right now

…and Molly right now…
Molly; right now.

Good thing Marcus was an awesome napper today.
Sleepy Boy