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Hopeful Threads

Four months ago, I was honored by Kristy from Hopeful Threads choosing my free xxs little starter pattern as her monthly sewing project. I use the word project lightly here as she actually does something I have true respect for; she sews for charity and inspires others to join in with her.

That bucket o’preemie diapers up there? She totally sewed them all for an outreach in Cambodia. Looking over on her Facebook page, I found a whole photo section dedicated to sewing up these tiny diaper covers that women across the US sewed to donate because of her generosity. Since then, Kristy and I have struck up an email correspondence and I pretty much begged her to let me be a part of her wonderful community that she’s created.

Today she announced that I’m an official sponsor. This is my first time ever sponsoring anyone and I’m quite proud. I can’t wait to see what charity she’s sewing for in February, I sew want in! Wanna join me?