As a college student, dressing in my mom’s bell bottoms from the 70’s and concerned with the environment (especially the amazon rainforest deforestation by the cattle industry), I thought I was crunchy. Well, three homebirths, two child-led weanings (one still going strong), fifty or so vaccination refusals, one bed, thousands of hours wearing a sling, and countless numbers of cloth diapers sewn prove to me otherwise. Now that my littles are getting bigger, we are venturing into the world of home schooling and crafting is an essential part of our lives.

Little Comet Tails is the dream of mine long coming as a SAHM. Once my oldest son Thomas was born quietly at home (okay, not so quietly) at 1:35 in the morning on an April day in 2005, I was overwhelmed by how fast he grew (15lbs 25 1/2in at 10weeks!!) and how limited my pre-birth diaper supply shopping had become, the over-creative part of me kicked in and decided to make my own diapers. Since I had been a HS Science teacher (and crunchy granola enviromentalist) prior to having Thomas, and the conception of the company came at night. I was inspired with the name “Little Comet Tails” (and chuckled at the play on words that it brought about). I sewed everything myself with my own developed and tested patterns. Since then I’ve had numerous requests to sell my patterns as they fit other babies so well, so home sew patterns grew organically from there. I’ve since developed not only a diaper pattern line, but have been extending my designs to clothes that actually fit!

I like to call myself an unruly mom for a multitude of reasons, some of which I listed above, but mostly because in our house we strive to live without rules. The kids and the adults live together as humans, well most days. I’m still trying to figure it all out. Join me for the daily silliness that borders on lunacy!