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Baby’s First Christmas; My Guest Curator Post on Sew Mama Sew

Have you been following the awesomeness that is the handmade holidays series over on sew mama sew? Everyday, for the entire month of November, a lovely lady guest posts with a specially curated list of their favorite tutorials and gift ideas from around the crafty web. In case you haven’t already guessed, TODAY is the day my curation goes live! 🙂

The theme I chose is Baby’s First Christmasin honor of Colin’s first christmas. I figured I would be scouring my favorite blogs anyway for ideas of things to make my little guy, I might as well share…collage

I’m so excited about continuing to be a part of the wonderful sew mama sew community. If you remember, way back in 2011, I shared my Aquarius Swimmer pattern.aquariusswimmer_16

Then again in 2014, I created my Tooth Fairy Doll Pattern just for them too.Toothfairy16

Speaking of my patterns, have you checked out Etsy yet? I heard there’s some fancy print sewing pattern designer that decided to start selling her digital patterns on there. {hint: It’s totally me}CMYP

Happy Halloween 2015

The whole gang is here.
The kids decided October 1st that they all wanted to be characters from Adventure Time, so off sewing I went!

Princess Bubblegum
Molly as Princess Bubblegum.

BMO Happy
Thomas as BMO. (BMO… HAPPY!)

Backpack ready
Marcus as Finn the Human.

This year, I decided to add knitting to my repertoire, because… well… bananas!
Finn the Human

Princess Bubblegum

In character


Happy Halloween!
Adventure Time

My Tooth Fairy Doll Pattern on Sew Mama Sew!

Come join me on the Sew Mama Sew! today. I designed a pattern for Molly a month back and decided to make it available as a freebie to you all exclusively on their blog.
Tooth Fairy Doll

The pattern includes full instructions and a free pdf download to make your own tooth fairy doll.

Also, since as you can see, Molly already has her own doll, I’ve decided to giveaway the one I sewed up for the tutorial! Head over to Sew Mama Sew! to get the pattern, and be sure to comment to be entered to win the random draw. Good luck, and happy sewing!

Happy Halloween 2013

If you’ve been following me on instagram {**cough** stalker **cough**} you’ve seen that I’ve been busy this october making costumes for the kids. You would have also seen that I finished in time {yay!} and all three were ready to trick or treat on All Hallows’ Eve.


The Pumpkin King! {Jack Skellington; Nightmare Before Christmas}
Jack, The Pumpkin King

Sofia the First {of Disney Junior fame}
Sofia the First

I upsized the spin around dress and made the skirt portion a complete circle petal skirt, for maximum spinning.

and… Fix-it Felix, Jr. {Wreck it Ralph}
Fix-it Felix, Jr.

They posed for pictures a bit and even did a couple classic character moves. {Check out Jack with his scary face}
44/52/Life - They never break character.

Smiles abound

Then, we announced “It’s trick or treating time!!”
Let's go trick or treating!

First, we went to Grandma and Grandpa’s House.
44/52/Portrait - Trick or Treat!

Then, around their neighborhood.
Trick Or Treating

Finally, we finished up at home, properly gorging on candy snacks and appropriately passing out on the couch before the night was through.
I'd call it a Halloween success. :) And with that, good night all. <3
Another year, another Halloween success. 🙂

Happy Halloween!!


If you couldn’t tell already, spring time is the time for Birthdays in my home. First comes Marcus’ then Thom’s followed by Molly’s and rounding out with Thomas’. This week was Thom’s turn. His birthday was this past Thursday. The kids love parties, so we use birthdays to really do it up.

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Thomas even learned how to play “Happy Birthday” on the piano and played along {which was quite appropriate, considering this week’s life photo theme just happened to be play} while we brought out the cake.
11/52/Life - Playing "Happy Birthday" to Daddy.

Which means that since Friday, it’s Molly’s birthday prep time. Which also means that I’ve been sewing. She wanted a doll this year for her present.
Planning out Molly's birthday doll. She wants her to have a matching knitted dress to wear. <3
Yes, I know. Creepy if you are not a doll maker. Lol.
Day 1; progress.
Doll progress!!
Body sewn. She needs clothes, but I'm not sure Molly will give her back to me to finish!
Which is also coincidentally perfect for this week’s portrait photo theme of anticipation.

11/52/Portrait - She's Almost Ready!She is so excited about her new doll that she hardly will put her down long enough for me to finish her, as evidenced by her having to hold her last night, sans her matching knitted dress. Oh yeah, remember that rainbow dress that I’m making for Molly? Her doll is getting one too.
Knitting away!

Better get back to it! T-minus 6 days until her birthday party!

Making Christmas a little more Elfie.

After seeing all the fun things that one can do with an “elf on the shelf” over on see jane blog, and *sniffle* not winning her awesome giveaway, I decided we needed our own elf to make a little mischief during the holidays.

I gathered up my wee wonderfuls pattern, got to sewing yesterday, and by day’s end we now have our own “Elfie” as the kids named it.





Elfie is all ready for her {Molly told me, certainly Elfie is a she!} job. In the wee hours of the morning, I found her on the dining room table…

Better get out the vacuum.

Hola Dino, soy Lupi!

We signed up for a two week free trial to Speekee TV yesterday and I have to say, the kids have really been loving it. It’s a video-based Spanish immersion program with a 40-week suggested lesson plan accompanying it.

Yesterday, we watched “El parque”. When I say we watched it, I mean they must have played it at least 5 times and then we watched the little excerpts that go along with it at least a dozen more times.

Especially the puppets Lupi and Dino.

The lesson plan suggests that day 2, you are to make puppets like Lupi and Dino. Yeah, we were all over that today.
We gathered our supplies and made our puppetsThe kids ran around the house collecting items they thought would make for perfect puppets, and we came up with these cuties.

They then begged to make a video with them. They had one specifically in mind, so they went right to work, watching it, and practicing their parts.Practicing their parts.

Without further ado, here it is.

Oh yes, the kids are really loving Speekee TV. You will certainly be seeing more of our adventures with it here! So stay tuned.
Silly puppetters.

Disclaimer: Speekee TV has no idea who I am, and didn’t pay me to write this. We just truly enjoyed it so much that I felt like I had to share the love. 😉 Te quiero.

Spin Around Dress on Sew Can She!

Have you checked out Sew Can She? It’s run by a wonderful mom named Caroline who scours the internet for sewing tutorial and posts a new one up everyday. Did you get that? EVERY DAY there is something new and FREE to sew? That is my kind of site!

Today, I’m the featured sewing tutorial! Well, more accurately the Spin Around Dress is, but you got the idea, right? Caroline asked if I would like to be a part of it and naturally I jumped at the chance.

So head on over to Sew Can She and check out some other freebies while you are there. Older featured tutorials are neatly sorted by category so it’s super easy to find a tutorial you love and get to sewing! Which we all know is a good thing.

Thomas Inspired

Seems like this week is centered on the kids. Heck, who am I kidding, every week revolves around them. Last week, Thomas had me make clothes for Monkey. He was convinced that Monkey’s lack of clothing was an issue and he meticulously chose fabric and oversaw the sewing, adding important things such as tail holes and selecting the perfect snaps. Upon its completion, Thomas immediately dubbed them Monkey’s pajamas and has dressed him in the every night since.

Today? Thomas came to me and said, “Mommy, I have a problem.”

Whatever could it be?

“Well, when I tuck Monkey in at night, he’s not big enough to reach my pillow, you know, because he likes to be under the covers?”


“Well, I think he needs a pillow… I know the PERFECT fabric! Oooh! I’ll go get my scissors!!”

And off he went and brought with him his own pillow to size up how big to make Monkey’s pillow, respectively of course.

Here’s what we came up with:

He even helped stuff it and blind stitch it shut. Not too bad for a 6 yr old, huh?