hello monday

hello monday {molly style}

This hello monday is brought to you by Molly. I have a Canon PowerShot that I got a couple years back. As we are going away on vacation soon {EEeee! The countdown to Disney has begun and we have only have 14 days until we head west!!} I decided to pull it out to have it packing ready to have on hand for some quickie candids and such.

Beautiful Kids
Well, it wasn’t long before the kids got ahold of it, and I suppose more specifically; my daughter.

Self portraits, by Molly
hello said daughter of my mentioning… lovely self portraits by the way.

Still Life, by Molly.
hello still life shots. You are amazingly in focus for being wielded by such tiny hands.

Thomas, by Molly.
hello views of Thomas that I would only see through Molly’s lens. I love the change in perspective that it brings.

Marcus was excited to show Molly something.
hello Marcus, you seem excited to show Molly something.

What else? Birds.
hello traces of birds in our front yard. I should have known it was you that Marcus was so anxiously awaiting to share.

The photos I took.
hello beautiful children. I love not only looking at your eyes but even more I love seeing the world through them.

I’m linking up with Lisa Leonard today and her lovely hello monday link up.

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