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Hello Dinosaur Week!

The kids have been really interested in dinosaurs lately, so we declared it dinosaur week. To kick it off, we set up this week’s trays.

  1. Fun dinos to play with and identify with our 3-part cards.
  2. “Dino”cabulary words I downloaded from K-3 Teacher Resources.
  3. Color matching and sorting dinosaurs. There are two of each dinosaur of color and kind as well as matching color tablets. Marcus is identifying and saying colors lately, so I thought this would be a fun way to reinforce it.
  4. Dinosaur 3-Part Cards I found on jojoeb’s flickrstream.
  5. Marcus “helping me” set them all up. This has become one of my favorite parts of Monday.
  6. Adding three numbers together with dinosaur bones {popsicle sticks}. Basically, the kids roll the dice, lay out popsicle sticks representing each number and Plus gathers the dinosaur bones together and brings them to King Equal, and we count them up for the total number of bones. Then, as an added bonus, they can use the wood numbers to write out their answers. Convoluted? Sure. A hit with the kids? You betcha.
  7. Measuring in centimeters. How long are these tiny dinos? I included a ruler with both metric and standard and a little measuring tape with centimeters to measure the dinosaurs.  I included a dry erase tablet so they can draw the dinosaurs along with their measurement findings.
  8. A dot exercise for Marcus.
  9. Examining rocks closely with a magnifying glass. We are talking about the three kinds of rocks and how they form. Geology is one of my favorite sciences.
To see them up close, you can head over to my flickr page by clicking on the picture of Marcus below.
All of our trays for dinosaur week.

There’s a lot more fun coming this week as well. From building dinosaurs to creating fossil cookies, we’ve got it all…Molly, practicing her mad writing skills.
That, and worksheets. The kids always love worksheets.


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