hello monday

hello monday {100 Aker Wood}

This weekend was certainly a relaxing one.

…maybe relaxing is the wrong word…

More like staying in bed late and playing all day lazy kind of weekend…

Cards for no reason.
hello writing cards just because. Molly has a whole stacks of them on her bedroom shelves, maybe one day we’ll send them somewhere.

hello watching Marcus watching birds. His excitement over them never wains, nor does my excitement over him.

Sunday Sunrise
hello sunrise watching while working early sunday morning. hello Marcus, sleepy eyed, joining be an hour later for more bird watching fun.

Candy Land Tea Party
hello Candyland tea party. Molly meticulously set this all up and acted out the scene again just for me.

The Hundred Acre Wood
hello playing in the park…

Seeking Shelter
…and hiding out under trees…

…and sunset strolls…

Woah! Big Tree!
…and looking up at huge trees…

Hand in hand.
…and running, don’t ever forget the running. 🙂

They just love that patch of land by our home, I’m declaring it the 100 Aker Wood {Yes, I can spell, totally writing it like Christopher Robin does on his map}. It was a great reset kinda weekend. I feel like it’s going to be a great week. How about you?
I’m linking up with Lisa Leonard today and her lovely hello monday link up.