home free

Winter Wildlife Walk

Well, kinda. I walked, the kids rode their bikes and Marcus had a glorious stroller ride that… well… you’ll see.

Since the snow has thawed a bit and the sun was shining out today we thought it would be a good idea to see what the animals and nature scene looked like in winter.
Noticing that the flowers and bugs that go along with them are gone now.
The first thing they noticed was that the flowers were gone so no bugs! Molly even stopped to take a picture of it.

Wow, the stream is frozen!
Next, they saw that the stream had frozen over and we talked about how the fish are alive and safe underneath the ice.

Spying Birds
Then we saw birds nests and tons of birds.

Marcus was soo happy to come out with us...
That was certainly the highlight for Marcus. Seeing birds always makes a smile come to his face.

...until he fell asleep.
That is, until he fell asleep.

Drawing what we saw on our walk and what we wear in the winter.
Finally, we went back home and drew everything we saw {and photographed} and talked about how animals change what they wear in the winter and so do we.

That’s all for this week folks, we are home free!

Tune in next week for more adventures with:
Marvelous Molly


Tenacious Thomas