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In search of…

In search of… – 365, 87, originally uploaded by Fluttering By.

So in continuation of the food posts of yore,present to you our dinner. Check that, our vegan dinner. Double check, our gluten-free vegan dinner.

While Thom makes some "kick-ass" vegan penne vodka, the more recent edition of gluten-free pasta leaves us wanting more.

We’ve tried rice pasta, corn pasta and this time around some quasi pseudo potato/soy pasta. They are all coming up short. Thom swears at some point, we had some quinoa pasta that rocked, but I’m thinking he’s got some heavy wishful thinking (memories?) going on…

Help! Any gluten-free pastas that are passable? Thomas actually had two bowls of this, but I can almost guarantee that it was 98% due to the sauce and in spite of the gummy but al dente excuse for pasta that it covered…

4 days ’til 4

4 days ’til 4 – 365, 85, originally uploaded by Fluttering By.

We went for a walk to get the mail, just Molly and me. She normally loves the mail, but recently it’s been a special treat because she’s been getting birthday cards.

Yesterday was Aunt Marta & Uncle Kurt’s Sleeping Beauty card. Two days ago, we got Great Grandma’s, and today was New Grandma and New Grandpa’s.

She carried it all the way to the playground and back.

Sunrise Boys

Sunrise Boys – 365, 82, originally uploaded by Fluttering By.

This morning both Marcus and Thomas couldn’t sleep.

Thomas crawled in out bed around 5am, just around the same time Marcus decided he wanted to play and not sleep anymore.

Fast forward an hour and both of them looked like this.

Molly on the other hand…

Her Current Top Three.

Her Current Top Three – 365, 81, originally uploaded by Fluttering By.

This is what Molly looks like right now (well, 5 mins ago when I took this). She pretty much always has these three particular items on her person at any given time.

From left to right:
Her plastic princess play phone,which she calls her iphone.

Her ipod touch, which she calls her iphone.

And her brand new pretend camera, which she calls her cambra.