Year: 2011

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The Story of a Tree.

Last week as Molly and I were playing in the yard, she looked up at our trees and said, “Mommy, I wish that the trees still had leaves on them, they are so pretty with their leaves!” I explained to her that trees lose their leaves in autumn so that when winter comes they not only have a nice blanket from the fallen leaves to keep them warm, but also the snow would collect on their leaves and break their branches and hurt the tree. She nodded and agreed, but I figured it certainly wouldn’t hurt to do some paper cutting to illustrate the concept.

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hello monday

hello monday {holiday style}

This past weekend was filled with family and fun. My beautiful sister and her wonderful husband came all the way from NY State to come celebrate Christmas with us. It was pretty much the best christmas present I could have asked for.

The kids immediately took to Aunt Marta and Uncle Kurt.
hello Aunt Marta and Uncle Kurt! I’m so happy the kids warmed up to you guys immediately.

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