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Spin Around Dress Revisited

As I was updating fixing my website links yesterday, I got to thinking about how the Spin Around Dress is one of my favorite patterns, and from the looks of it, it’s one of yours too. Which lead to more thinking and I arrived at the sad fact: Molly could no longer fit in to the 2T pattern that I designed for her back in 2009. So, what else could I do?

I started out this morning with this:
Here's what today's "sew what?" looks like right now.

But now I’m…


Introducing, the updated Molly size Spin Around Dress:

Instructions are the same as the old spin around dress, but this one comes in XS(4/6). I decided to mix Molly’s dress up a bit and instead of hemming the bottom I finished it with bias tape as well as using the remaining bias tape to make a waist tie.

Happy Sewing and Enjoy! {and don’t forget to spin!}

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