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My mouseling Molly.

Molly started “Princess Ballet” a couple months back and last night she had her first experience on stage.

While she’s been practicing her dance, I’ve been practicing her bun…

…and her *gasp* mascara and eyeliner…
On Monday she had her all day rehearsal and photo shoot. I helped out and got a sneak peek on her performance.

Last night, the beautiful mouseling danced across the stage with ease.

She had as much fun backstage as she did performing as well. The older dancers entertained the little ones and they even had a live feed of the show in our dressing room!

I was even talked in to going onstage. Originally, I thought it was only to help the littles out for bows, but at the performance I was out there for the final dance and all. {video blackmail to follow once we pick up the professional DVD!}

All in all, it was a great time and I’m proud of my little ballerina. Okay, so maybe she’s not so little anymore, but don’t tell me that. I won’t listen.

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