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November 2011 archive

Every girl can be a princess. – 365, 332

Every girl can be a princess. – 365, 332, originally uploaded by Fluttering By.

Molly went upstairs today to make me my birthday present (why hello there 33, you are looking smashing today!) and came down with a present fit for a princess. All wrapped up in pink princess paper and tied up in streamers were two princesses. She told me I could be Belle and that she was Aurora.

Yes, Molly. That sounds lovely.

Teamwork Redefined.

Teamwork Redefined. – 365, 326, originally uploaded by Fluttering By.

Molly came to me this morning…

M – Mommy? I want my hair cut.

Me – Wow, you’ve been very set on growing it out for months now; why the change?

M – I don’t know, I just want it short.

Me – Well, since this is a new idea, how about we sit on it for a couple days and revisit it and then see how you feel.

M – Well, there’s something else, but I don’t want you to be mean at me. (Molly talk for "mad at me")

Me – I won’t be mad, what’s up?

M – I kinda cut it myself a little.

Me – Haircut it is, up to the bathroom we go!

M – Hey, this is like teamwork, right?

Me – How so?

M – I started cutting it and you finish it!

Me – Yup, I guess so, when you put it that way.

M – Yay for TEAMWORK!

Making Rain

Making Rain – 365, 325, originally uploaded by Fluttering By.

The cloud discussions continue!

Today we made it rain. Well, we filled up cotton balls over bowls with strawfulls of water until they started to drip. Counting how many strawfulls it took to fill up the "clouds" enough to "rain".

Super fun and easy to clean up. I highly recommend it for rainy days… even if you have to make your own rain. 😉