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April 2011 archive

Marcus vs. the Slide

Marcus vs. the Slide, originally uploaded by Fluttering By.

Usually when we head to the park Marcus stays in my sling except for the occasional swing ride, but not today.

The kids were having tons of fun on the slide and Marcus decided he wanted in.

He scaled the steps (all 6 of them) and went down the slide head first, laughing all the way down.

Immediately after, he went running back for the stairs.

Someone hold me.

Quite a Busy Tuesday

Bubbly Molly – 365, 102, originally uploaded by Fluttering By.

Who says Tuesdays are boring?

Molly and Marcus took a cute picture inspiring bath. (Here’s Marcus for proof he was there too, lol)
Marcus Morning Tub Time

Then, in a not so fun change of mood, Thomas got Molly’s ring stuck on his finger.
It's stuck...

No, really...

As in, so stuck I had to call in for Daddy reinforcements.
Tried a file.

Daddy and his wire cutters saved the afternoon.

While Thomas was awaiting the arrival of Daddy, upset about not being able to get the ring off, and to distract him from the increasing swelling of his finger, I decided it was as good a time as any to make him an angry bird for his birthday.

That silly thing kept him from freaking out.
Angry Bird