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April 2011 archive

Photo Share

Photo Share – 365, 120, originally uploaded by Fluttering By.

I was attempting a 365 with Marcus asleep today. He looked so peaceful and I really liked the way the lines in his shirt complemented the bedspread lines.

Thomas had other ideas. As I set up the shot he kept interfering, first by tickling Marcus’ feet, then by peeking his head and putting his hands in front of my iPhone. I finally asked him what he was doing.

"I want you to take a picture of me too."

All he had to do was ask.

“Oh, Molly.”

Oh, Molly – 365, 115, originally uploaded by Fluttering By.

I’ve been really committing myself lately to be taking intentional photographs. Most of the time I get take a couple shots and one or two end up well, but today I was surprised just how well this one ended up.

And I mean that in the way that there was only one shot I took. I hovered over Molly as she was playing "Teach me preschool" on her iPod Touch, made sure I was in a good spot for the natural light, focused, and then said, "Oh, Molly."

Snap. (in Hipstamatic) and that was that.

Hello today’s 365.