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January 2011 archive

While I’m fixing my Macbook…

daddy tickles – 365, 19, originally uploaded by Fluttering By.

This is what Marcus and Thom did while I was reformatting my hd today.

I tried to boot it up this morning and all it would do was show me that pretty gray apple logo and load and load. After about 3 hrs of troubleshooting, I got to the point where I could format the hd and reinstall Snow Lepoard.

Well, I should say that I’m reinstalling Snow Lepoard, it has about 19 hrs left…

A nook of one’s own.

Inspired by Julia Cho’s “little library” on ohdeedoh, I decided that our own kid’s nook in the living room needed more definition.

Here’s the before:

With a picture of what I wanted it to all become in my head, I went virtual shopping…

…and here’s how it will all look like in the space:

Okay, okay, so it will look vaguely like this, without all the bad photoshopped perspective, but you get the idea, right?

Stay tuned, I will be updating later once I get to the store(s) today. Aren’t you excited?