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The Very Very Dinosaurs

Today the kids and I made some dragon tails (with a little texting guidance of my friend Elizabeth who came up with such a cute pattern), then I made up a story about them as they acted it out.

As it is letter V day, we dubbed the story “The Very Very Dinosaurs”.
The Very Very Dinosaurs

A long time ago, in a faraway land there lived two dinosaurs. One day while the two very very happy dinosaurs were playing, they realized that they were VERY VERY hungry.
The Very Very Dinosaurs

So they set off into the forest in search of food. They looked high in the trees for apples, and low in the bushes for berries.
Very very hungry dinosaurs looking for some for food.

After searching high and low, they couldn’t find any and were very very sad.
Very Very Sad

Defeated, they went home to their mommy (the spider, Thomas’ idea, ha!) and told them of their hardships. She told them to not be sad, but to look in their very very large refrigerator. When they opened it, it was filled to the brim with so very very much food that the brother and sister dinosaurs were so very very surprised!
Very Very Surprised!

They were overcome with excitement as they danced around the room very very happily.
They were very very happy!

Remembering that they were so very very hungry, they ate and ate and ate until they were very very full.
They got very very full.

Just then, they felt very very sleepy, laid down, and fell asleep for a very very long time.
And very very sleepy. - 365, 335

Good Night Very Very Dinosaurs. Hope you have very very sweet dreams!

The Very Very Dinosaurs

Molly's dinosaurs are frolicking in the forest.

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