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The Floor is Lava! {Elfie and Elfa – Day 5}

Has your family been overtaken with the silly “The Floor is Lava” game? Well, today, the elves decided to make it a thing for ours.

Even Colin understood and ran for the sofa upon hearing the ominous warning!

We went on to play House of Danger, a game based on our favorite book series; Choose Your Own Adventure. So far, the kids and I would highly recommend it. The game is like an even more interactive book, and we love card games, so this is a perfect fit.

One thought on “The Floor is Lava! {Elfie and Elfa – Day 5}

  1. House of Danger indeed! I love Choose Your Own Adventure books, lost count how many we’ve read with the kids. There’s always more though, getting ready!

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