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Mini Train Riding

By our house, there is this park.

The kids and I don’t go often enough, but every time we do we say, “We need to come here more often!”

There’s two huge playground areas, a sculpture garden, a swim beach, and even a train that circles around. 

Today? We rode that train. 

We bought our 75¢ tickets, and got them punched as we boarded. 😉 This time, we got in the red caboose in the back.  

Yup, Thomas…


   …and Colin. 

 Well, me and Colin {photo courtesy of Thomas}. I had to sit on the floor it was so tiny… And so fun!


If you can’t make it out over the squeaky-squeaks, there’s even a tunnel!


Marcus: We’re going in there!!

Molly: Oh my gosh, I can’t wait to go in the tunnel! Are you guys excited to go in the tunnel?

Me: There’s a tunnel?

Molly: Yup!

😉 We all had a great time, and I promised this time, we would go again very soon. 

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