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Fourth Of July Week {introducing our trays}

I’ve had a bit of an ulterior motive behind the rearranging of our school room last week {and adding a new bench over the weekend}. We are now adding rotating trays into our weekly work. Starting today, the shelves look like this:

Pretty neat, huh? Here’s a tour of each of the trays:
Open Craft with red, white, and blue. Open Craft with red, white, and blue.

Older kids pattern blocks.Older kids pattern blocks.

Dice counting.Dice counting.

Pattern sequencing in the round.Pattern sequencing in the round.

Domino star addition.Domino star addition.

Fourth of July words and spelling.Fourth of July words and spelling.

Marcus has three of his own trays! {and he’s already sharing them nicely, lol}
Shape matching.Shape matching. Molly even helped make this for him.

Size sequencing.Size sequencing.

Marcus' pattern block matching.Easier pattern block matching.

It was fun putting these together, I am already plotting what to do next week. You’ll have to excuse me for now, we are back to work!

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