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I suppose this is the debut post.
20121207-105805.jpgLast night, Thomas made his stage debut and Molly proved herself to be an old pro. {They rocked that back row!}

This morning, Daddy, ahem, I mean Mr. Elfie made a splash with a hot cocoa surprise. 20121207-103522.jpg

There was not only yummy hot cocoa waiting to me made, but peppermint sticks, cubed marshmallow and even shaved chocolate. It was truly a treat. 20121207-103531.jpg20121207-103543.jpg

I even got a surprise. Christmas blend coffee! Gosh I love that man. Umm… elf.20121207-103602.jpg

Yup, Molly agreed with me. We have one amazing elf.20121207-103611.jpg

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