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Run! Run! Fast as you can!

We went on a scavenger hunt this morning, trying to find the gingerbread man! Once they found him, they took turns hiding the clues in new spots so the others could find it again. Elf success again! 😉


The decorations continue.

The elves just keep on insisting that we need more holiday decorations! This morning they brought a champagne christmas tree for the living room (that matches out sparkly ceiling) and a rattan rudolph. 🙂 Who am I to say no to such cute faces.



Elves love WAFFLES! {and so do these kids.} Thomas was super excited to help me make them, and all three kids enjoyed them very well.



Today, it felt like a little spring decided to… well.. spring here in Colorado.
18/52/Life - Space Exploring with Buzz.

The kids played out back riding their scooters, while Marcus was excited to ride on Buzz’s spaceship again. The noisy, button pushing, light up, buzz animated sit on rider.
All the tempting buttons.

You may remember it from his first birthday?
I am Buzz Lightyear - 365, 66

Oh yes, it is still one of his favorites. 🙂
18/52/Portrait - Rows and Rows

Knitting away.

20130123-112002.jpgWhat once started as fiber was spun to yarn.

20130123-112026.jpg…and knit and knit… And others joined in.

20130123-112054.jpg…and continued on when others moved on…

{to be continued}

Pancake Picnic

It’s hard to have a picnic in January, in the morning, in Colorado.

Wait. No it’s not.
Pancake Picnic
Pancake picnic, a’la living room.