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Meatballs {un-vegan}

Today I’m mixing it up a bit and instead of trying out a new recipe, I’m showing you all my tried and true one. Meatballs… so totally NOT vegan, but soo good. {You gotta throw in some meat sometimes, right?} I am loosely calling this a recipe as there is much more an art to making meatballs than science.

Meatball Ingredients
I start out with some good ground beef, in the 80-85% lean variety. I add an egg and a small handful of romano/parmesan cheese {dairy free? I have been known to use nutritional yeast instead with great success}, toast a piece of bread and then crumble it up and pour a bit of milk {you can use actual milk, we don’t have it in my house}, and finally some garlic pepper, oregano and just a tiny pinch of salt.

Cookin' Time
I roll them into balls and broil them on high for about 10 mins on one side, then flip and cook for about 5 minutes more.

Oh and here’s where the magic happens…

Saucing it up!
Thom’s fancy {vegan} vodka sauce.

Making the Sauce
His secret ingredient? Well, maybe I’ll share next time…

Do the kids like it, you ask?

Eating it up!

You tell me.

Thomas Approved

Flour Tortillas!

I had planned to blog about dinner this evening, but Molly woke up and asked for quesadillas. I figured, why not? So off to google I went for a flour tortilla recipe and came across this lovely number over on I made two changes; I used earth balance instead of the called for lard, and I cut it into 12 pieces instead of 24. I can’t imagine how tiny these would be I made 24!

Cut into 12 pieces

So the process went a little something like this:

Roll out into circle.
Roll out a tortilla. {Squint hard and pretend it’s round.}

Cook 1 min 30 seconds, then flip
Put in a medium heat cast iron pan. Set timer to 1 minute 30 seconds.

Roll out into circle.
While that one is cooking, roll out another tortilla. {Squint harder and pretend it’s a different tortilla.}

Cook 30 seconds more.
Flip tortilla and cook for another 30 seconds on the second side. {Squint really hard and pretend that I didn’t hit my timer before taking a picture and it actually reads :30.}

Rinse & repeat until you make all twelve.

Okay, so don’t rinse… adding water to the tortillas at this point would be quite yucky and pasty…


Where were we?

Oh yes!

Grab one and Enjoy!! {Or you could add cheese and make a quesadilla too, you know, whatever makes you happy.}

Texas Roadhouse Rolls?

I’m starting a new 365. Well… more like a couple 52s.

Every Tuesday for the year of 2012 I will cook/bake something new. This week, as part of my pre-52 trial run, I added some dinner rolls to our menu tonight of Lemon Chicken Piccata with rice and sugar snap peas.
Mixing up the dough.

I found a recipe on pinterest for Texas Roadhouse Rolls – Copycat Style. I knew right off the bat that it wasn’t *actually* like Texas Roadhouse Rolls when reading the original blog post about it, but since she said they were soft and good I thought why not!

Since I modified it for dairy free (with almond milk and earth balance), I was afraid that it would mess something up and not rise well.
Rise #1
Yeah, uhh, apparently that wasn’t an issue. So, I went on to roll out the dough and make individual buns.

Rolled out and separated. Rise #2

They rose again for a second time and went in the oven!

All Done!
Here’s what they looked like all done. Pretty yummy, right?

Enjoyed with rice and sugar snaps!
Dinner was pretty much a win.

Okay, full disclosure time…The center ones didn’t completely cook through and were a bit on the doughy side. Next time I’ll use two pans and space them out more. Not bad for the first try though, so we’ll definitely be having these again!