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Snowflakes! {Elfie and Elfa – Day 9}

Everyone was feeling better this morning, including the elves. So good, in fact, that they decided to make paper snowflakes!

Nothing says Christmastime in our house quite like tiny bits of paper everywhere.

Elfie “cheated” a little this year, by bringing out one of our punches from our papercrafting supplies. Colin loved the idea and immediately starting making little snowflakes himself.

The elves seemed quite pleased with themselves when the kids complete. Another successful morning!

The morning that they all got sick… {Elfie and Elfa -Day 8}

Well, it was inevitable. Every Christmas season at least one of the kids comes down with something, and they spread it to everyone in the house. Last Saturday, Molly had what we thought was a bit of a stomach bug, which knocked her out until Tuesday, but it appeared that she had kept it to herself. That is until last night. Poor Thomas was miserable all night long and stayed in bed this morning, sucking on ice chips, hoping to feel better soon.

Molly was tasked with FaceTiming him while they discovered what the elves got in to last night.

To the kids’ surprise, Elfie and Elfa had also caught it and had brought along some funny (or should I say: painfully cheesy) jokes to cheer everyone up.

Marcus decided to show me his bemused and amused look in response to some cheesy punchlines…

They all had a good time with the silly goodness that the jokes inspired.

While the jokes allowed a welcome laugh (this one was particularly funny to him), Thomas gave me a thumbs down, displaying his unhappiness with feeling so poorly this morning.

Thank you, Elfie and Elfa, for reminding us that even when we aren’t 100%, a smile can be brought to our faces.

Chocolate Santa Pops {Elfie and Elfa -Day 7}

The kids were so excited to see what the elves did today, that they all awaited one by one on the top of the stairs until everyone was ready to head down. Molly even brought her babies along to join in the festivities, and Colin decided that he wanted to film it himself this time.

Thomas was the first to find them, in one of their favorite spots; on the kitchen counter.

Elfie and Elfa had brought us a “Make your own Santa Pops” kit to enjoy.

Colin dove right in, dissecting the box to see just how it is that there were Santa Pops inside.

As the kids read the instructions aloud, he ensured that we all knew where the microwave was located, pointing so that we would know where the candy melts went when we were ready to start.

The kit came with pretty cellophane patterned bags and red foil twist ties so that we could gift them as well.

Marcus was fascinated with how well and smooth the chocolate melted almost like magic as he stirred.

Thomas dutifully filled each Santa shape mold, ensuring that the quantities were all distributed appropriately.

They all agreed that placing the sticks on was the most satisfying.

Into the refrigerator they went, and in 10 minutes we had amazing,


and yummy

Santa pops!

Marcus and Molly especially loved how curly and swirly Santa’s beard was depicted. Thanks to the elves, for another joyous December morning! One week down, two more to go until Christmas morning! I still can’t believe how fast 2018 has flown by.

Pompoms Explosion; Literally. {Elfie and Elfa – Day 6}

This morning, we awoke to a trail of pompoms leading to the basement.
The elves brought them out so that we could make some ornaments for our makerstree.

Since we have our very own little maker space in the basement, we thought it perfect to have a tree that we decorate only with things made by us.

So far, we have bunches of perler bead ornaments as the kids love making pixel art.

Elfie thought some neat little Christmassy pompom figures would be a great addition.

While Elfa thought we need some garland to tie it all together.

The kids set off straight away, picking projects to work on.

Molly made an amazingly dorky reindeer.

Marcus is quite proud of his snowman.

Colin helped me make the pompom garland.

While Thomas decided that no tree is complete without a bit of popcorn!

Cookie Time! {Elfie and Elfa – Day 4}

As in the tradition of elf culture, it wasnt long until Elfie and Elfa wanted us to make yummy cookies for Christmas.

They even spelt out cookies in chocolate chips in case we didn’t get the hint with the ingredients and flour snow angels

Elfa was a bit neater than Elfie, as usual, hanging in the bowl with a mixer…

The cookie baking exercise was a big hit…Thomas approved.

I even decided to try instastories this morning.

Click on the pic to see the silly video. ❤️ We had way too much fun with it!

Letters to Santa {Elfie and Elfa – Day 3}

The kids were on their game this year, writing letters without elf prompting and some even wrote to santa starting in November!

So, the elves decided last night to make the magical trip to the North Pole to hand deliver them to Santa himself.

They brought back a 2018 souvenier with them, to match our 2017 and 2014 ones. Along the way, they picked up some magical sparkly north pole snow!

I have a personal soft spot for snow globes, and seeing the kids share in my adoration is what the holiday season is all about for me. ❤️ We can’t wait to see what the elves get into tomorrow! Until then…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas {Elfie and Elfa -Day 1}

Year seven of our elf visits started this morning. The kids awoke one by one this morning and patiently awaited on the top of the staircase until they were all ready. {Colin was the sleepyhead today!}

Then they were off, filing quickly through the hallway to find the elves this morning in the kitchen.

They didn’t disappoint. Elfa and Elfie had carried the reindeer down the steps and decided that they needed some new colored lights…

Elfie was being his usual silly self.

They brought us yummy hot chocolate and peppermint stir sticks.

Colin was quite excited about that…

Marcus is very happy that the elves have returned!

Molly is happily sharing the elvish tradition with her “babies”…

The ever-cubing Thomas is still loving our December mornings.

…and the wonderment in Colin’s eyes makes all the Christmas seasons magical.

What will they do tomorrow? Who knows! But, I can’t wait to see what the kids find. ❤️

Christmas time is here again.

It’s only November 26th, and while I usually have a “rule” about decorating for Christmas before my birthday (on the 28th) this year, it’s already happened…

Maybe I’m getting old…

Maybe it’s just that the weather has been so odd this year that it has almost felt as if autumn never really occured…

…or maybe, just maybe, it has something to do with this little girl’s smile.

Whatever it is, it just feels right.

So, im just going to go with the flow, enjoying every minute of their childhood that I can.

Usually, the elves bring up our decorations the morning of December 1st.

I was looking back on their past visits, and came to the realization that this will be the 7th year that the elves have been with us every morning in December, helping us countdown the holiday season until Christmas arrives.

That guy up there was 8 years old when we started the family tradition.

This awesome gamer was only 2.

This littlest dude will never know anything different.

I will be blogging every morning this year, chronicling what the elves are up to. So, be sure to check back here to follow along. ❤️