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Always time for pie.

Today was a crazy busy day. We came to discover at around 8:15 am that the doorbell chime no longer worked. The poor guy that had come over to finish up the drywall texturing for Molly’s new wall tried to ring the bell, and then decided to wait in his car while calling my husband to see why no one was letting him in. Silly me watched for a good 10 minutes trying to figure out why he’d unload his stuff on the front porch, only to await in his car.

Apparently, it imploded. As I took the cover off to see if I could fix anything these parts just sprung out, literally. 20130104-024103.jpg

By day’s end we had it all worked out, though.

A working doorbell for us, thanks to a trip to Lowes with my dad and Marcus, and a newly textured wall for Molly.

Oh, and a homemade apple pie for our bellies.

20130104-023454.jpg What? A girl’s gotta bake to deal with all that.


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