Some weeks things just seem to fall into place.

When I first found out the theme for Week 9’s portrait photo was “Yummy and Squared”, I wasn’t so sure this would have been one of those weeks. One day, Marcus walked up to me with what looked like a frosting goatee. Only it wasn’t frosting; it was lotion. Albeit vanilla scented lotion, it was certainly not all that yummy, as this week’s theme would suggest, but Marcus seemed to think it tasted just fine.
9/52/Portrait - Yummy?9/52/Portrait – Yummy?

Next up was my life photo. The theme was “Out of The Shadows”, and I just happened to catch this shot of Thomas and Molly watching a little movie after dinner. So unexpected. So sweet.
9/52/Life - Snuggling Siblings.9/52/Life – Snuggling Siblings.

So, I suppose this week? Totally one of those kinds of weeks.

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