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This week’s life photo theme was “Good Morning” caused me to break out my camera when I first awoke. On Saturday morning, that meant ipod time.
Morning iPod fun.
I even got caught taking a shot by Marcus, who was cooperating nicely.
I was caught with my camera!
While all that fun was going on in my room, Thomas was sound asleep in the boys’ room.
6/52/Life - He quietly sleeps. {or at least he's pretending to quite quietly}6/52/Life – He quietly sleeps. {or at least he’s pretending to quite quietly} – Theme: Good Morning!

Well, more accurately… Thomas pretend slept and giggled the entire time I snapped shots.

I suppose my portrait shot this week is more about life than I would like it to be, and more specifically about getting older.
6/52/Portrait - Bionic Woman6/52/Portrait – Bionic Woman – Theme: Strength.

My knee has been bugging me for months now, and seeing how it’s really not possible for me to stay off of it all that much and take it easy, Thom bought me this lovely brace to help along the healing.

Nothing says I love you quite like an old lady arthritic knee brace. 😉

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