Nah, just kidding.

Two years ago I did a 365. It was exhilarating and exhausting all at once, but totally got my photography into gear and made me document our lives. Last year I skipped it. It wasn’t really a 365, because honestly? There were 366 days in 2012, and I didn’t need that kind of pressure. 😉

So… This year, Ahem, I want to do a 52. Well, more like a 52 times 2.

My intent is to play along with Paint the Moon’s This is Our Life project. This week’s theme was Evening Rituals, and I came up with this:
1/52/Life - A Bedtime Story

That project is all about stepping back and truly documenting life as it happens, which I find genuine and awesome and something I really would like to let happen, and not stage/arrange/pose for the camera to make everything picture perfect.

But lets face it.
1/52/Portrait - Awaiting to brush her teeth.My kids are hams for the camera. They really see me coming a mile away, so I want to embrace that and run with it. Hence the x2. I’m sure each week while I try to capture our life, I’ll capture a great look into the camera, so we’ll just write it off to 52 weeks of portraits.

So there you have it 52 weeks @ 2 photos a week for the year 2013. Come and join me. I promise it will be a grand old time.

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