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December 2013 archive

It’s all frozen here.

It’s been snowy and icy for days here with temperatures in the single digits, so when Elva and Elfie brought us tickets to see Disney’s Frozen, Marcus was so excited. As it turns out ALL the kids (and the parents) really enjoyed the movie treat from our elves this morning. <3 20131207-175914.jpg

Letters to Santa

This morning, Elfie and Elva brought the kids some personalized paper and pencils to write up a letter to Santa.

They had such a blast writing and drawing and cutting out printouts of what they wanted to ask for.

Marcus, of course, needed my help with writing, but the sentiment is all his. He even traced his name on the bottom. <3 20131206-121601.jpg
Molly wrote her entire letter this year, asked for correct spelling (such a perfectionist), and just had to add her personal touch to the letter. <3 20131206-121611.jpg
Thomas blew me away with his letter. He didn’t want any help and wrote it 100% unassisted. I know that it’s not technically correct, but I love his spelling! It makes so much more sense than our silly english language. <3 Happy Christmas Days ahead! We have 18 days to go!!

Stuffed Story Time.

In the wee hours of the morning, well before daybreak, Elfie and Elva gathered up all the kids stuffed toys and brought them into the living room for Christmas story time. Molly discovered them when she awoke, she immediately picked out a book and joined them. <3 20131205-111748.jpg

Just love this time of year.

Let it snow!

We awoke to both a snow covered yard , and a snow covered counter this morning thanks to our elves. Since it’s snowing outside, I guess the elves thought we should have some snowballs inside. Thankfully, they are the yummy kind you eat and not the icy sort that melts.


A few good elves.

The North Pole is hiring! Elva brought us some applications for the job openings, and Elfie wants us to watch a training video. 🙂

Think we should have some spaghetti with maple syrup for breakfast?


Candy canes. {aka: elf day two}

The elves thought the tree was a bit bare {not sure why, there isn’t a mm of space left on it}, so they started on some pipe cleaner candy canes. Molly happily helped them finish up their work.

A long and lovely weekend.

This was one of the longest and loveliest weekends we’ve had in awhile. It kicked off on thursday with Thanksgiving and coincidentally my birthday.
48/52/Life - Cake.

Rounded out with some rock climbing in the mountains on Friday {a’la Maxfield Parrish}…
Into the sun.

48/52/Portrait - On top of the world.

And as you saw this morning, ending in some lovely elf inspired christmas decorating this evening.
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Here’s to the weekend that started all the way back in November and brought us to December!

{excuse me while I do a little elfing downstairs… more on that tomorrow.}

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Elva got into the basement last night and found Elfie. Together they brought all our decorations upstairs {She’s so happy that she has a strong guy around to help her carry all those boxes}! Looks like we have some work to do.