hello monday

You say goodbye, and I say hello {monday}.

I received a beautiful mother’s necklace {made by the lovely Lisa Leonard} from my own mother last week. It was truly the most bittersweet gift I’ve acquired yet. You see, there are four tags on there; as I am newly and most accurately the mom to four beautiful children. Turns out that all my babies are spring babes. Most certainly not in the way I would have planned it. Our newest arrival, Henry Walter, was born still at 8:45am on May 5th. It’s amazing how one moment can change everything, but somehow also leave universe intact.

hello May 21st. 12 years ago today the man I proudly call my husband {and my better half} asked me to be his wife. Something I would have agreed to on the day that we met, and have cherished every day since.

hello fully immersing ourselves in school time. I’ve been savoring this time with the kids; watching the children grow has been both an invigorating and grounding reality.
School time highlights.

hello little things turning out to be the big things.

hello new appreciation for the “quiet”. It’s so easy to get lost in spinning, moments I am graciously welcoming from time to time.

hello muffin tin mondays. The kids look forward to every lunch time on monday {and beg for them on tuesday and wednesday and… I happily oblige}.
Muffin tin recap.

hello tooth fairy. {or should I say goodbye baby teeth?} Thomas has been holding on to his very loose two front teeth for a long time now. He lost the first while enjoying dinner {eeks! I was so afraid he’d swallow it!} and in 6 days time the second followed. He proudly exclaimed, “Sweet! Now I can eat cheeseburgers again!” Love that boy.
Teeth lost.

hello walking, warily, one day at a time, alongside my other half. Life continues. I am grateful that we continue on together.

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