wednesday works

wednesday works {manual labor edition}

So, you know how wednesday is my “official” work day? Well, yeah… I kinda got some work done.

The lovely Rebecca of Purple Lily Boutique Facebook messaged me today that my freebie links were broken since the website overhaul! Turns out I had been forwarding the whole domain over to when I actually just wanted to forward the subdomain of over. Well, that wasn’t making my pdf’s that I host over at happy. Soo, I fixed it and now they all work again. So if you were looking to download the XXS Little Starter or maybe the Spin Around Dress, you can now go to town.

On a related note, I’m no longer offering the Crescent Moon Yoga Pants as a digital pattern. I’ve thought long and hard about this decision and it’s not one that I took lightly. I have decided that, instead of focusing my time and energies on creating digital download patterns, I am going to update and expand my print line. Look out soon for exciting things to come!

On an entirely unrelated note, there was some hard labor happening today in the Kingston household. Not the labor that ends in a beautiful baby, but the putting together and dismantling of several beds. Marcus is not only getting bigger {and needs some space during sleeping time} but he also loves to climb.

Cue the toddler bed assembly…
One up, two to go!

and the unbunking of the kids beds…
Bunkbeds coming down!

and rearranging solely by me…
Almost Done!

Well… I did have some help from my amazing new power tools that I received for christmas.

Here’s the room just a moment ago:
Right Now

…and Thomas right now…
Thomas; right now

…and Molly right now…
Molly; right now.

Good thing Marcus was an awesome napper today.
Sleepy Boy

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