everyday life

Teamwork Redefined.

Molly came to me this morning…

M – Mommy? I want my hair cut.

Me – Wow, you’ve been very set on growing it out for months now; why the change?

M – I don’t know, I just want it short.

Me – Well, since this is a new idea, how about we sit on it for a couple days and revisit it and then see how you feel.

M – Well, there’s something else, but I don’t want you to be mean at me. (Molly talk for "mad at me")

Me – I won’t be mad, what’s up?

M – I kinda cut it myself a little.

Me – Haircut it is, up to the bathroom we go!

M – Hey, this is like teamwork, right?

Me – How so?

M – I started cutting it and you finish it!

Me – Yup, I guess so, when you put it that way.

M – Yay for TEAMWORK!

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