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Lesson Learned

Lesson Learned – 365, 158, originally uploaded by Fluttering By.

Okay, so today I was reminded what it means to have a toddler.

More specifically a toddler that loves to climb.

Oh and one that loves plants.

And don’t forget about water…

The three kids seemed to all be enjoying Between the Lions this afternoon and I thought I could quickly sneak upstairs to upload my photos from our bike ride earlier.

About 5 mins in I heard the water running. I originally thought nothing of it. The two older ones frequently use the facilities and wash their hands independently.

Then it kept running…

I called down, thinking it was Molly, "Do you need help Molly?" Molly quickly replied "No." I responded "Don’t play in the sink!"… "Okay." Water shut off, all was good in the world.

A couple seconds later, I heard the water turn back on. "Molly, please don’t play with the water." Thinking she was filling up her Aquadoodle pen, I headed down the stairs. "It’s not me!" said Molly. Then I saw, she was nicely watching the episode with Thomas, Marcus on the other hand…

Ahem, well, you can see the picture.

One thought on “Lesson Learned

  1. My mother has a similar photograph of toddler-hood adventures in the kitchen…except this one is of the kitchen floor, covered in a very fine, evenly distributed, coating of flour…and my brother holding the bag and more flour – much like your little fellows hand and that dirt. This made me laugh!

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