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Just another post {insert clever title here}

So, umm… Hi? I’ve always said that I want to blog more, and then life happens and I don’t. I was thinking about all the excuses I have for not doing it, and about how to convince myself to change my ways and just sit down and write, but let’s be honest, I’m just not that structured. So here’s me, starting up blogging again, maybe just maybe it will stick this time. 
Now, where should I begin…

When last I left you, our main bathroom looked roughly like this:  

If you were paying close enough attention (see my reflection in the mirror in the last post) I, at approximately the same time, looked something like this:  

Don’t ask what my toes looked like at that point, because frankly? I couldn’t see them for months.    

I kid… Lol… But back to me and the bathroom… Soon after that, May 19th to be exact, we both looked like this: {The hubby is in this too, beaming like the awesome daddy he is}


Colin Finn joined our {not so} little family in the wee hours of the night in the bathtub that I had specked out for just the occasion. The rest of the kids? In love.  

Here’s a couple more photos to fill in the gaps and catch you up to today:      


The days have been going by so quickly, I can’t believe this little guy is 3 months old already.    


 Oh yeah, in case you are wondering what the whole bathroom looks like, here’s a shot of that too, now that you are looking at pictures: 


Alright, alright. That’s enough catching up. 
Let’s pretend that I’ve been updating regularly for the past 5 or so months, and this was just another post about what we did today. 

Molly decided this past week that she wanted to go camping. So bright and early this morning they put up the tent in the backyard.   

Then off we went to the store to get some supplies. While we were there these two had to ride the 1¢ ponies. 


First, we had a proper picnic.   

Next, we roasted marshmallows by the fire.     
In case you were wondering, Thom, Colin and I all took part in the festivities as well.     

Once the sun set, they played around with the lantern in the yard a bit.  

Then, the kids all piled into the tent…  

Thom read them a story, and off to sleepy land they went.   
All’s quiet on the {little backyard} western front.  Nite-nite. 

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