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Dinosaur Week{s}!

Seeing how the dinosaurs measure up.

We are over halfway finished with week two of “Dinosaur Week”. The kids really took to it, so I really ran with it. Today we’ll be making a volcano and tomorrow (if the stars align, because we’ve tried twice before in the past two weeks to get there) we’ll be headed down to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to see actual dinosaur fossils.

Yesterday, we made our own.
Body Fossil CreationWe used pasta and mixed up some whole wheat flour baking clay to make some super awesome body fossils.

We baked them and they had a fossil hunt outside.The kids wanted to put them in our garden to “trick people in to believing we had unearthed some real body fossils”.

Color matching dinosaursMarcus has been enjoying his dinosaur color matching.

Marcus doesn't believe me when I told him he was having dino nuggets for lunch.However, he really didn’t buy it when I told him he was having dino nuggets for lunch.

Bike.All the talk about how dinosaurs lived and roamed even caused an impromptu bike yesterday to explore our neighborhood.

I think it’s safe to say that dinosaur week is a success. Excuse me while I get back to it!

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