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Chocolate Santa Pops {Elfie and Elfa -Day 7}

The kids were so excited to see what the elves did today, that they all awaited one by one on the top of the stairs until everyone was ready to head down. Molly even brought her babies along to join in the festivities, and Colin decided that he wanted to film it himself this time.

Thomas was the first to find them, in one of their favorite spots; on the kitchen counter.

Elfie and Elfa had brought us a “Make your own Santa Pops” kit to enjoy.

Colin dove right in, dissecting the box to see just how it is that there were Santa Pops inside.

As the kids read the instructions aloud, he ensured that we all knew where the microwave was located, pointing so that we would know where the candy melts went when we were ready to start.

The kit came with pretty cellophane patterned bags and red foil twist ties so that we could gift them as well.

Marcus was fascinated with how well and smooth the chocolate melted almost like magic as he stirred.

Thomas dutifully filled each Santa shape mold, ensuring that the quantities were all distributed appropriately.

They all agreed that placing the sticks on was the most satisfying.

Into the refrigerator they went, and in 10 minutes we had amazing,


and yummy

Santa pops!

Marcus and Molly especially loved how curly and swirly Santa’s beard was depicted. Thanks to the elves, for another joyous December morning! One week down, two more to go until Christmas morning! I still can’t believe how fast 2018 has flown by.

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