52x2/2013, everyday life


This week was a challenging one.

My most cooperative model was really sick this week {it was her turn, first Marcus was sick, then me, then Thom, then Thomas and well, she was the final holdout. It’s been over a month of sickness around here, eeks, it’s really been tough.} Although she’s been a real trooper about it, every time the shutter went click Molly went *cough*. Not a pretty picture does that make. 😉

Fortunately, Thomas has been on the mend, so he has been most smiley.
Immersed in schoolwork
The theme for this week’s life photo is “Negative Space”. I had an unusually hard time choosing. I almost went with the photo above, because the negative space around Thomas really tells the story. I felt like it wasn’t enough negative though, as it had A LOT going on around him, so out that went.

Then came this shot…Bench Hiding
Thomas was hiding from me to take his photo, and was laughing and giggling under his hood, but well… remember how I said the last one didn’t have enough negative going on? Yeah, not a problem here… lol… but not the “negative space” I was going for exactly.

Park Magic
Finally, enter this weeks 52 – “Negative Space”. The sun was in just the right position behind him and it really captures Thomas.

7/52/Portrait - ¿Tienes naranjas?
This week’s portrait photo, brought to you by SpeekeeTV. No, no… they didn’t sponsor it or anything, lol, but they did make it all possible.

Indirectly, of course.

The kids have been LOVING SpeekeeTV and are currently obsessed with the song ¿Tienes manzanas? {Do you have apples?}. They like to bring out their play food when they watch it, and offer up the different fruits as Lupi and Dino ask for them. The theme for this week’s portrait 52 is “connected”, and they most certainly are.


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