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13/52/2013: Traveling, again.

This week brought us to a lovely cabin right outside Moab, Utah. There, along with the inn keeper, his wife and their 18 month old son, lived this sweet girl. Petting the puppy.
Marcus immediately fell in love with her. “She’s so soft!” and “Aww! She’s cute.” were words he frequently said over the course of our stay.

They played and ran together.
13/52/Life - Chase that puppy!

…and when he dreamed, I’m pretty sure it was of her.
13/52/Portrait - Dreaming about puppies.

Ah, the little joys of a boy and (not) his puppy. What can be cuter?

One thought on “13/52/2013: Traveling, again.

  1. That first picture is just AMAZING! I’m (always) so jealous of your amazing skillz! Also, I love Moab, so I’m jealous of that too!

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