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Remember when I said that we needed to go into the mountains more often?
30/52/Life - In the mountains.

Yup, totally wasn’t kidding.
30/52/Portrait - On the top of the world

We have already been back, and can’t wait to go up again. Next time with our picnic baskets and a snack, or so the kids tell me.


Colorful Colorado (aka 29/52/2013)

Today we decided to introduce our Jeep to the rocks. More specifically, the Rocky Mountain National Park.
29/52/Portrait - Jeep meets Rock(y Mountain National Park)

It was such a beautiful day in the mountains, and crazy to think that this is only a 10 minute drive from our home.
29/52/Life - Colorful Colorado

I must remind myself more often to do this again, and often. 🙂


We had a little mini adventure this weekend as we traveled over to Utah for one of Thom’s Ultra 4 racing events. Before the race Saturday afternoon, the kids and I went swimming… which looked a whole lot like this:

Then we rooted the teams on from the bleachers, which looked alot like this:

And this:

Followed by bedtime, which in hotel rooms, is always fun and looks something like this:
28/52/Portrait - Pajama Party

Finally, it was time to head home and kick back:
28/52/Life - Day Dreaming

…and enjoy the ride.

The Little Movie Star {aka: 27/52/2013}

(story as told to me by Molly)

Once there was a movie star…
The Movie Star

…and she had this photographer who followed her around all day while she was living in Paris.
The Photographer

She was there to film a movie about little red riding hood…
Playing the day away.

…but she couldn’t tell anyone the plot, they would have to come see the movie once it was done.
In the mind of a little girl.

Today, however, she was not filming.
28/52/Life - Soaring

Today? She was just there to play.
28/52/Portrait - Into the sky.


Sometimes I look at Molly and I see the mature little lady that she’s grown in to, and all the things that she can do with ease.
26/52/Life - Tricycle Ride.

Then I look into her eyes, and all I see is my baby girl.
27/52/Portrait - Simply Perfect

I’m sure I’ll be saying the same things about her when she is 16… and 26… and 36… and…



This weekend was the first official summer weekend, and I think it turned out pretty epic. Yesterday we headed over to North Lake Park, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like… it’s a park… in the north of town… on a lake.
25/52/Life - The Amazing Kingston Sibling Acrobats.

And not only a lake, but a mini train ride, that takes you around the park, and two playground areas and a swim beach. I foresee many more summer days there in our future.
25/52/Portrait - Big Kid, Half Smile, Fully Content.

I promise to take pictures. Always. 🙂


Those eyes…23/52/Life - Those eyes...He was trying to ignore me, staring up off into the distance. Windows to his soul. <3

Those silly smiles…23/52/Portrait - Bad ActressShe was trying to run away from the “monsters in basement”. Obviously she believed they were there as much as I did 😉


I always seem to be saying each week that the theme of the Paint The Moon 52 coincides so perfectly with our own. Well, this week, not only did they coincide with our week, but they also complimented each other as well.

On Friday, Molly was hanging out on my parents’ couch playing a game on my mom’s iPhone. I snuck up on her with my camera and she looked up…
22/52/Portrait - Just Molly.
22/52/Portrait – Just Molly.
Theme: Untouched and Solo

…then? I tickled her.
22/52/Life - Molly + Tickles
22/52/Life – Molly + Tickles.
Theme: Pure Joy


This was a week of exploring, wilderness exploring to be exact.
Wilderness Explorer!

The kids had a great time and Molly did her fair share of mouse spotting.
21/52/Portrait - It's a mouse!

And while it’s good to be adventurous, it’s always better when you bring along a friend.
21/52/Life - Everything is better with a friend.