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Sound Cylinders; Marcus Style.

Marcus will be turning 3 in a month and a day {gasp}, so I’ve been slowly involving him more and more into our Montessori “school day”. Today, we broke out the sound cylinders.

If you are a Montessori purist, please shield your eyes or close your browser now…



He immediately ran to his car/truck bin, and pulled out his red and blue Lightning McQueens and proclaimed “They match!” Then, he proceeded by stacking the cylinders, and then smashing them by driving the said matching McQueens into the towers.

There you have it. Sound cylinders; Marcus style.


It was a sleepy kind of week, apparently. Marcus always likes to stretch out in the oddest of positions during his naps, and since this weeks’ theme was “A Different Perspective” I couldn’t help but capture his comfort in his own unique perspective.
4/52/Life - Nap time.4/52/Life – Nap time.
Theme: A Different Perspective

On Friday night the kids had a sleepover party in our bedroom, complete with storytelling and sleeping bags, it was certainly a rejuvinating experience for all of us.
4/52/Portrait - Sleepover!4/52/Portrait – Sleepover!
Theme: Renewal


This week, we’re in the process of painting Thomas’ room… which involves painting over the animals… that we painted over 8 years ago… when I was pregnant with him.

It was an emotional day for me, but Thomas was so excited that I decided to let it all go and live in the moment. The theme for the life photo was “This Makes Me Wish I Could Freeze Time”. 3/52/Life - Painting his own story.3/52/Life – Painting his own story.

Marcus was an easy capture in my portrait theme this week; “Dream”. Love those little piggies of his.
3/52/Portrait - Little Piggies.3/52/Portrait – Little Piggies.

“I wan truck shees!”

Setting up the boys room this week, and I was talking to Marcus about the possibility of having a big boy bed and sleeping in that room. Out of nowhere, he said, “I wan truck shees!”
All day he claimed that he would sleep in his own bed and hung out most of the afternoon in his bed.

That is, until bedtime. He was mad that we’d even suggest sleeping anywhere but in mommy and daddy’s bed.
20130116-215830.jpgWithin seconds, he fell asleep.

So, we brought him down to the boy’s room. We’ve got bets on how long he’ll last. I’ve got dibs on 3 hrs.

Good night, Marcus. See you at 11pm!

Yum {and awesome}

20130114-211432.jpgMade some from scratch cookies in Molly’s easy bake oven.

20130114-211537.jpgThey came out awesome.

20130114-211553.jpgRecieved some homemade trail mix from a friend. Equally as awesome.

20130114-211603.jpgThe kids prepared a special dinner for Thom and I. Ultimately the most awesome.

{and shh. Thom made some awesome pasta vodka as well. }

If I had one word to sum up today, it would have to be yum. {and coincidentally? Awesome.}


The sillies were extra silly this week, singing and dancing was certainly the theme.
Which, as it would, totally makes me us all laugh.
2/52/Life - Do-si-do.
2/52/Life – Do-si-do.
Theme: This Makes Me Laugh

We went to the park on Wednesday. The rocks always remind us of Stonehenge, which I thought worked perfectly for the theme of “all lined up” :)
2/52/Portrait - Rocky day.2/52/Portrait – Rocky day.
Theme: All Lined Up/Imperfection.