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A room of one’s own.

Molly has been talking about becoming a “baker” when she gets older and wants to own a shop where she makes and sells her desserts. Their bedroom was becoming a little cramped, so Molly and I came up with a plan to fix both issues.

We moved the kitchen and shelves out of their room so that they both get more room by their beds to play.
… and we cleaned up their little “walk-in” closet to make space for her to have a her own bakery now.

When you have a passion for something why wait?

Traveling, again. Part 2.

We had so much fun on our trip that it took me until this evening (oh, only a couple weeks after our return) to get settled back in finally and post the rest of my pictures!


We went to Legoland, the kids loved it.


…and their awesome boat rides…20120723-185604.jpg

Molly even drove her own lego car!20120723-190159.jpg

We also got our kicks on Route 66 and checked out the Wigwam Motel! Oh, yes. We checked out the awesome race, and were a super cheer team for all the Spidertrax racers.


It was really a fun time for all of us.

Traveling, again. Part 1.

We are traveling, again. First stop Utah, then a quick overnight in Vegas, then 5 days in California.

The kids always do amazingly well in the car, even the littlest. They don’t even ask for all that much by way of entertainment, so when Marcus started saying, “Tickle me! Tickle”, I happily obliged.

First stop was Green River, Utah, where we stayed right on the river. It was a beautiful place with sliding doors out the back of our room that lead right out to the lake and lush gardens.




They even had hummingbird feeders with tons of hummingbirds enjoying.

Molly enjoyed, too. 20120718-144017.jpg

Oh, and the trees!20120718-144141.jpg







The *ahem* kids loved the trees. 20120718-143954.jpg

On to Vegas next! Be back with part two of our adventure soon.

Yes, I know you all are anxiously awaiting it. 😉

Today’s Trays

I know it’s probably a bit early to be calling our trays a success, but introducing them into our day has been exciting so far. The kids were a bit mixed this morning about me taking down the trays from last week, which were a huge hit, but that all changed when I put up the new ones.

Molly loved the ladybug spot counting, and Thomas quickly levitated to the number decoder. He had to match the quantity with the symbol to the written word representing a number and he was focused and intense. Lastly, they both tried out the language matching CVC cards. Thomas breezed through it with ease, while Molly had to put a bit more concentration into it, but persevered through until she had matched all 12 words with their pictures.

Every day I’m more and more impressed by them. I can’t wait to see what they’ll be up to tomorrow!

Fourth Of July Week {introducing our trays}

I’ve had a bit of an ulterior motive behind the rearranging of our school room last week {and adding a new bench over the weekend}. We are now adding rotating trays into our weekly work. Starting today, the shelves look like this:

Pretty neat, huh? Here’s a tour of each of the trays:
Open Craft with red, white, and blue. Open Craft with red, white, and blue.

Older kids pattern blocks.Older kids pattern blocks.

Dice counting.Dice counting.

Pattern sequencing in the round.Pattern sequencing in the round.

Domino star addition.Domino star addition.

Fourth of July words and spelling.Fourth of July words and spelling.

Marcus has three of his own trays! {and he’s already sharing them nicely, lol}
Shape matching.Shape matching. Molly even helped make this for him.

Size sequencing.Size sequencing.

Marcus' pattern block matching.Easier pattern block matching.

It was fun putting these together, I am already plotting what to do next week. You’ll have to excuse me for now, we are back to work!

Perpetual Calendar… with obligatory gnome.

After following mamaroots blog for several months now, I always look forward to spying on her perpetual wood block calendar. Today, she posted a “Happy July” post and I just couldn’t resist it any longer. I rummaged through the kids building blocks, turned on my Silhouette Cameo, and got to work on my own take…


After it was all complete, I proudly showed Molly. “Uh, mommy? You forgot the gnome on top.”

Oh. Hmmm.

Humbled, I returned to my craft closet found a closepin, some wool felt and a bit of embroidery thread and whipped up this…


Mental note: Perpetual calendars are NOT complete without a gnome. Who knew?

My mouseling Molly.

Molly started “Princess Ballet” a couple months back and last night she had her first experience on stage.

While she’s been practicing her dance, I’ve been practicing her bun…

…and her *gasp* mascara and eyeliner…
On Monday she had her all day rehearsal and photo shoot. I helped out and got a sneak peek on her performance.

Last night, the beautiful mouseling danced across the stage with ease.

She had as much fun backstage as she did performing as well. The older dancers entertained the little ones and they even had a live feed of the show in our dressing room!

I was even talked in to going onstage. Originally, I thought it was only to help the littles out for bows, but at the performance I was out there for the final dance and all. {video blackmail to follow once we pick up the professional DVD!}

All in all, it was a great time and I’m proud of my little ballerina. Okay, so maybe she’s not so little anymore, but don’t tell me that. I won’t listen.

Our Secret Garden.

It seems like overnight the trees became full with leaves and flowers started to sprout out of the ground. We planted seeds, flowers and a bush so far so we have been tending to our garden daily. Even Marcus has learned how to skillfully wield a watering can and happily visits all the plants offering them a drink.

The kids feel so comfortable out on our little patch of land and so do I.

Spin Around with Short Sleeves

I finished up the second Spin Around Dress with short sleeves.

Actually, I have two options now.

I totally made up this cute pdf and I totally had plans to release it tonight, but I totally stayed up too late and finished way after Molly’s bedtime, AGAIN! 🙂

Sooo… you’ll totally just have to wait until tomorrow until she tries it on, and then I promise I’ll totally share.

I really need to break this habit of late night sewing.


Come on, you were waiting for it!

psst… Here it is.