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My view of today.

It seemed like there was a reoccurring theme going on today. Poor Marcus was not feeling well so he was extra huggie, mixed with quiet moments where I snuck to prime and paint.

It looked either like this:

Or this:20130104-220018.jpg

Thankfully, it was also mixed with bouts of this:20130104-220144.jpg

Resulting in this:20130104-220215.jpg

Always time for pie.

Today was a crazy busy day. We came to discover at around 8:15 am that the doorbell chime no longer worked. The poor guy that had come over to finish up the drywall texturing for Molly’s new wall tried to ring the bell, and then decided to wait in his car while calling my husband to see why no one was letting him in. Silly me watched for a good 10 minutes trying to figure out why he’d unload his stuff on the front porch, only to await in his car.

Apparently, it imploded. As I took the cover off to see if I could fix anything these parts just sprung out, literally. 20130104-024103.jpg

By day’s end we had it all worked out, though.

A working doorbell for us, thanks to a trip to Lowes with my dad and Marcus, and a newly textured wall for Molly.

Oh, and a homemade apple pie for our bellies.

20130104-023454.jpg What? A girl’s gotta bake to deal with all that.


And voila…

Got a haircut today, and told the stylist that I wanted it short, and we talked about options, and what she thought would be a good “new” look for me.

20130102-230850.jpgDon’t get me wrong, totally happy with it, but I feel like this is what every stylist agrees I should look like.

Check me out in 2008, right after a haircut then… Okay, fine. I would be fooling myself if I said I looked the same.

Said stylist today? Actually told me while she was cutting my hair that it was a “great thing the lighting in most places are not as good as they are here, so you normally can’t tell it’s so gray.”

New year, new you.

At least that’s what I’ve heard.

I had an eye exam today and in my ahead planning got a Warby Parker home try-on kit to select some new frames for my new lenses. 😉


I currently am wearing their Sinclair frames. {After a very lovely first try on.} Not really sure I love any of these more than I do those, so I did something crazy…

20130101-200429.jpgI went over to Fetch Eyewear and ordered up a 6-frame try on kit from them too.

Stalking my mailbox! I’ll update you when I get them. With more photos, of course.

I color!

Today, Marcus decided he was in a coloring type mood. 20121228-173345.jpg
Seems like that sorta thing is going around in my house.

20121228-173354.jpgI may have purchased some more paint to aide in that. Photos to follow, I’m sure.

What we did 5 days before Christmas.

Today was another awesome day in preparation to the fun and joyous day that is December 25, otherwise known as Christmas. Elfie visited again this morning, building snowman in a bowl.




…and then we made yummy cookies, and after that I completely rearranged my living room, having to take down all the decorations and put them all back up again. What? Everyone doesn’t do that 5 days before Christmas?

20121220-204954.jpgWell, my friends, you are missing out. 😉

On my birthday.

With the cake in the oven and the kids making decorations to hang, I am reminded that plans are of little importance to life. I would have never imagined being where I am at right now, but it’s exactly where I need to be.