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The one where I talk about the basement…

Yeah…. so you know how we have a finished basement…

The basement. Right now it is home to my photography "studio", lots of boxes and bins that need unpacking, another bathroom that I love, the laundry/utility room and the kids' playroom.

The one with the room full of boxes? Well, I may have posted a tiny picture the first time around… because well… it was a lot of boxes… and stuff… and boxes…

Yeah, it was a bit of a mess, and I couldn’t let that go on any longer. So today? With the help of my AMAZING husband who tirelessly unpacked and moved and sorted and stored and climbed the ladder time and again to the garage attic for proper storage, it now looks like this:
40/52/Life: After; clean slated.

I have alot of plans and ideas, but for now it’s so nice to be clean slated. <3 In the midst of it we did happen to come across the stand that Thom and I made to hold Thomas' moses basket alongside of our bed almost 9 years ago. Thom and I found the moses basket stand we made many moons ago.

It just so happened to induce sleepiness, and general day dreaming.
40/52/Portrait - Sleeping on the Job.

So many memories, and so many more to come. Loving life.

New house; making home.

When we first saw the new house, we fell in love. It was a charming 4-bedroom {all upstairs, squee!} center-hall dutch colonial. I immediately envisioned the kids growing up in it. Complete with obligatory prom on the steps photos of Molly. Thom and the kids instantly agreed; Thomas claimed his room and Molly was quite enamored that her room had a mirror on the back of the door. You may remember me posting about a great weekend we had as the summer started. That it was epic? Yup, that’s the weekend I took these photos {please excuse my iphone pics}20130628-220044.jpgBack then it seemed like only a dream that this could be our home, but we made an offer and put our house up on the market… and waited.

It felt like forever; funny thing that thing called time, it has a habit of sneaking up on you.

Before I knew it we were sold and all moved out there and all moved in here, and I’m sitting in my office as I type this right now.Back down the hallway and to the right of the front door is my office (Read: My space, yay!)Yup, that’s what it looks like now. I have lots of things planned for it, but right now? It’s completely perfect. However I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let me give you an official tour.
As you walk up to the front door, it opens to the center hall stairway.When you walk up to the front door, it opens to a center hall stairway.

Walking down the hall {past my office on your right, eeks!!} you will find the kitchen {with it’s awesome pantry} in the back of the house on the left.If you walk down the hall, the kitchen is in the back of the house on the left.

…and the family room with it’s wood burning fireplace to the right.The family room with wood burning fireplace is to the right.{shh… this room already looks different, lol… more on that next time.}

Out that door next to the fireplace is the garage {aka: Thom’s man cave}.Out the door is the garage (read: Thom's space)

If you go back into the house and walk through the kitchen, you will come upon the dining room.Then connecting the kitchen and the living room is the dining room.

…and through that large archway is the living room {which has had a rearrangement since, lol, constantly evolving.}To the left of the front door is the huge living room. Totally dwarfs all my furniture.

Up the stairs is all our bedrooms.
Thomas' room

Molly's Room.

Marcus' Room

Thom’s and Mine
Upstairs is the master bedroom.

Our own little private bathroom {with wicked neat shell shower walls… I see BM irish mint in our future}Master bathroom with neat shell shower walls.

…and the kid’s bathroom with two sinks! {also with, ahem, interesting lighthouse wallpaper… I see this in our future}The main kids bathroom.

Then all the way to the down to the basement, we have my photo “studio”, lots of boxes and bins that need unpacking, another bathroom that I love, the laundry/utility room and the kids play space.The basement. Right now it is home to mr photography "studio", lots of boxes and bins that need unpacking, another bathroom that I love, the laundry/utility room and the kids' playroom.

Out back are two apple trees, a plethora of flowers and trees and bushes, and two planting beds. One is full of strawberries. I can’t wait until next spring to plan all the fun things we will grow.Out back are two apple trees and two planting beds. One is full of strawberries. I can't wait until next spring to plan all the fun things we will grow.

Well, that’s all for now. Many projects are in the works and many things have already been unpacked and hung and decorated since I took these just a couple days ago. Project home; underway.


Remember when I said that we needed to go into the mountains more often?
30/52/Life - In the mountains.

Yup, totally wasn’t kidding.
30/52/Portrait - On the top of the world

We have already been back, and can’t wait to go up again. Next time with our picnic baskets and a snack, or so the kids tell me.


16/52/2013 (aka Thomas’ 8th birthday, aka Minecraft Madness!!)

Thomas’ 8th birthday was “the best day ever” completely decked out in homemade minecraft goodness.
Cake Prep


Minecraft Party Food

When it was time to blow out the candles, Thomas was cool and relaxed (this week’s “life photo” theme), thinking, “Oh yeah, I’ve got this.”
16/52/Life - I've got this.

He even posed for some silly cake mining shots:
Cutting Time!

Yummy Block Food
After chowing down on food that was strictly the shape of blocks (thanks, grandma for making the requested meatcubes!), it was time for presents.

That is where the unexpected (this week’s “portrait photo” theme) came along…
16/52/Portrait - You got me this??
He lost it completely, I’ve never seen his face light up at a gift like that before. “You got me this??”

Happy Birthday, my big man. Not so tiny anymore. <3


It was a week of firsts around here, all three kids got new beds!
Operation Big Kids Rooms, underway. Boys are bunking and Molly is getting a loft bed! Oh yea, and Mommy's going to do it solo. Wish me luck.

Well, I suppose more accurately Molly got a new bed and the boys got theirs bunked.
And... Done! Now I would like a nap. ;)

Molly was quite happy about it.
15/52/Life - First night in her loft bed!

And, even though I had to sneak up on him in his top bunk to get a picture…
15/52/Portrait -Sneaking in between the bunk rails for a peek.
I got a smile of approval from Thomas too.


I always find it funny how our natural progression of our week always fits the PTM themes. Even this week.

We did a little off-roading of our own during the race on Friday. Thom in the car, and Molly out of it. 😉 She climbed to the top of this huge rock, sat down, and declared herself winner of the race. (This weeks portrait theme was copycat/it’s a sign)
14/52/Portrait - Race to the top of the rock!

The life theme for week 14 is “What home means to me.” And even though we are traveling and away from home we always bring home with us. A couple nights ago, Molly fell asleep on our bed while we were getting ready to settle in for the night. Marcus must have caught a glimpse of her and thought he needed to join in. As he snuggled himself under her arm and drifted off to sleepy land, I chuckled, knowing I had my photo. <3 14/52/Life - Right at home.


If you couldn’t tell already, spring time is the time for Birthdays in my home. First comes Marcus’ then Thom’s followed by Molly’s and rounding out with Thomas’. This week was Thom’s turn. His birthday was this past Thursday. The kids love parties, so we use birthdays to really do it up.

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Thomas even learned how to play “Happy Birthday” on the piano and played along {which was quite appropriate, considering this week’s life photo theme just happened to be play} while we brought out the cake.
11/52/Life - Playing "Happy Birthday" to Daddy.

Which means that since Friday, it’s Molly’s birthday prep time. Which also means that I’ve been sewing. She wanted a doll this year for her present.
Planning out Molly's birthday doll. She wants her to have a matching knitted dress to wear. <3
Yes, I know. Creepy if you are not a doll maker. Lol.
Day 1; progress.
Doll progress!!
Body sewn. She needs clothes, but I'm not sure Molly will give her back to me to finish!
Which is also coincidentally perfect for this week’s portrait photo theme of anticipation.

11/52/Portrait - She's Almost Ready!She is so excited about her new doll that she hardly will put her down long enough for me to finish her, as evidenced by her having to hold her last night, sans her matching knitted dress. Oh yeah, remember that rainbow dress that I’m making for Molly? Her doll is getting one too.
Knitting away!

Better get back to it! T-minus 6 days until her birthday party!


This week, we’re in the process of painting Thomas’ room… which involves painting over the animals… that we painted over 8 years ago… when I was pregnant with him.

It was an emotional day for me, but Thomas was so excited that I decided to let it all go and live in the moment. The theme for the life photo was “This Makes Me Wish I Could Freeze Time”. 3/52/Life - Painting his own story.3/52/Life – Painting his own story.

Marcus was an easy capture in my portrait theme this week; “Dream”. Love those little piggies of his.
3/52/Portrait - Little Piggies.3/52/Portrait – Little Piggies.