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Come on baby, let’s do the twist.

The elves brought a gift of twister to the kids today. Marcus was the most excited about it, and was actually quite good at contorting his little body in all the twist moves. “Look mommy! I a pretzel!”


Sweet sounds of Christmas.

This morning we awoke to sweet treats of candy and music. Thomas happily immersed himself in learning a new song while Marcus happily partook in candy consumption. Molly just danced along.


Fifteen little mistletoes.

Elfie and Elva brought out the wool felt and some teeny pearls and string and directed the kids to start tracing! We now have a proper hallway kissing mistletoe. Scratch that… Fifteen little mistletoes.



The elves took out our pompoms and we decorated some elves. They even made us some ears to elf ourselves.


Christmas Perlering

The elves did it again. They brought out the perler beads and printed up a few patterns to entice the kids to get Christmassy with their perlering.

So much fun, so much cleanup. 😉 Totally worth it.


Crowd Pleaser {aka: Paint}

I just knew this morning would be a success. Elfie and Elva broke out the watercolors and tape for a snowflake project.

I just love the smiles on their faces that the elves bring.

20131212-095440.jpgMarcus’ painting.

20131212-095501.jpgMolly’s painting.

20131212-095533.jpgThomas’ painting.

Elfing Around.

When we came downstairs this morning, it looked a little something like this…
Elf decorating.

Here, let me give you a little closer look at where Elva was.
Elf decorating.

Turns out they were getting a bit anxious to decorate the hallway with the new things I bought on Sunday…
Oh no! The elves decided to decorate our staircase last night!!

Yup…. better get on that today!
Elf decorating.

(Please excuse the crazy brightness edits on my photos… the kids got up before the crack of dawn this morning… literally.)


The elves broke out the scissors last night and made some snowflakes.

Elva is so cool. (Shh... Molly is so cooler.)
Molly thought it was so cool.

Molly's Favorite
She even picked out her favorite.

Look at this one!
Mornings like this is why Elva doesn’t mind the missing hours of sleep at night.