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Rocking it out at our park.

We went on a rock hunt yesterday, and what better a place to hunt for rocks than our very own rock garden.

It’s right down the block from our house and called Independence Park, although we’ve always called it Stonehenge Park, because of all the rocks just piled up in a circular arrangement.

Whatever you call it, our little park rocks!

A room of one’s own.

Molly has been talking about becoming a “baker” when she gets older and wants to own a shop where she makes and sells her desserts. Their bedroom was becoming a little cramped, so Molly and I came up with a plan to fix both issues.

We moved the kitchen and shelves out of their room so that they both get more room by their beds to play.
… and we cleaned up their little “walk-in” closet to make space for her to have a her own bakery now.

When you have a passion for something why wait?