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It’s race day!

The older two slept over grandma and grandpa’s house last night, so this morning Elfie came up with a surprise just for Marcus.

I’m sure he’ll be happy to challenge them to a race when they get home. In the meantime, he’ll be here, honing his short course skills.


I suppose this is the debut post.
20121207-105805.jpgLast night, Thomas made his stage debut and Molly proved herself to be an old pro. {They rocked that back row!}

This morning, Daddy, ahem, I mean Mr. Elfie made a splash with a hot cocoa surprise. 20121207-103522.jpg

There was not only yummy hot cocoa waiting to me made, but peppermint sticks, cubed marshmallow and even shaved chocolate. It was truly a treat. 20121207-103531.jpg20121207-103543.jpg

I even got a surprise. Christmas blend coffee! Gosh I love that man. Umm… elf.20121207-103602.jpg

Yup, Molly agreed with me. We have one amazing elf.20121207-103611.jpg

A movelfie kind of morning.

Elfie took out all our Christmas movies, the tv controllers and popcorn. She even sat right in our popcorn bowl with her favorite; Elf.

20121205-092236.jpgOf course we popped the corn and turned it on. The kids saw the hats mixed with the movies on the floor and were convinced that Elfie intended them to wear them while we watched.

Gosh, I love this time of year.

Because I have to.

The kids informed me that I have to make cookies for breakfast today, Elfie says so.
20121204-080327.jpgAh well.

I guess if I have to. I better get started.
20121204-080341.jpg…before Marcus eats all the chips.

Thankful for Christmas.

This morning, the kids woke up to a disassembled thankful tree and our boxes of Christmas decorations in the middle of the living room. I guess Elfie is most thankful for November being complete and decided that it’s about time we put up our advent calendar for Christmas!

Making Christmas a little more Elfie.

After seeing all the fun things that one can do with an “elf on the shelf” over on see jane blog, and *sniffle* not winning her awesome giveaway, I decided we needed our own elf to make a little mischief during the holidays.

I gathered up my wee wonderfuls pattern, got to sewing yesterday, and by day’s end we now have our own “Elfie” as the kids named it.





Elfie is all ready for her {Molly told me, certainly Elfie is a she!} job. In the wee hours of the morning, I found her on the dining room table…

Better get out the vacuum.