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Rudolph the red painted reindeer.

Elfie brought us wooden Rudolph ornaments, paint, and brushes to have a little painting party today.

20121219-023319.jpgShe even got out the kids’ aprons and was wearing Molly’s as we all came downstairs to see what she was up to.

20121219-023327.jpgMolly was especially excited because Clarice has become a favorite this season.

20121219-023521.jpgThe boys were equally excited to get their paint on.

20121219-023538.jpgGood thing it was washable Crayola paint, because they literally got their paint on everything.

So worth it.

Taking on new heights.

We had a very uplifting visit from Elfie today, and her antics soared sky high over the kids heads.

20121217-081045.jpgWhen Marcus saw, he was quite concerned for her safety, “Get down, now!!” he yelled over and over again at Elfie.

20121217-080747.jpgDon’t try this at home kids. I assure you that Elfie is a trained professional, and no elves were harmed in today’s elf antics.

Elfie caught our cold.

20121216-083549.jpgWe’ve all been sniffly and coughing since Wednesday, so I figured it would eventually make it’s way to Elfie.

20121216-083601.jpgWe are firm believers in laughter being the best medicine, so in that light, Elfie brought us some Christmas jokes to tell while we are all on the mend.

20121216-083611.jpgMolly’s favorite?

What do monkeys sing at Christmas? Jungle Bells, Jungle Bells. Jungle all the way.

It was just a matter of time.

20121215-175400.jpgOh yes; the ubiquitous elf making snow angels in the flour happened today.

20121215-175425.jpgI suppose it had to be done. So, why not today, right?

20121215-175439.jpgShe also printed out a biscuit recipe and scribbled Christmasy modifications on it to use holiday cookie cutter shapes, so that is at least a tiny bit original, right?

20121215-175450.jpg…and the kids loved it.


“… You have to come see what Elfie did. It is *so* funny!”

That’s what I heard as I awoke, followed by, “Her head got stuck!! She’s so silly”20121214-095401.jpg

Well, Elfie may be silly but she has just one goal; the kids waking up every morning with smiles on their faces.

For today? Mission accomplished. 20121214-095427.jpg

{I found the awesome Printables here: uh, ahem. I mean Elfie found them.}

It’s beginning to look a lot like Rudolph.

Elfie must have been feeling giddy last night because she decided to surprise the kids this morning with little gag gifts.
20121213-080053.jpgShe appeared to be wanting to pour all that water in the glass with the polar bear in it, so we helped her out with that. {we are currently awaiting it’s package boasted 600x growth}

20121213-080138.jpgMolly, of course, wanted to wear the crown Elfie brought, and the boys both wanted to try on the glowing Rudolph nose.

20121213-080123.jpgShe must have wanted in on all the giggles that were occurring while donning that nose, because she totally had to get her turn as well.

20121213-080253.jpgWho knew the dollar checkout line bins at Joann’s could bring about so much Christmas cheer?

Any given day.

Every morning I awake not knowing how the day ahead of me will pan out. Last night, I was struggling with what Elfie would do. I looked around on Pinterest and even Googled a bit and was left uninspired.

Molly has been asking every night what I think Elfie will do the next day, and yesterday? I honestly answered “I haven’t a clue.” Around 10:30pm I folded {both figuratively and literally}, got out some construction paper and cut some paper doll chains with the kids scissors because I couldn’t find my “good ones” in the dark and I was too tired to look for them, sighed, and went to bed.

I dreaded that Molly made me promise to come down with her first thing in the morning to see what Elfie did…

20121212-180158.jpgThe second she saw her face lit up and she actually said the word “Whoa!” There was girl gingerbread cookies and even little hearts!

20121212-180219.jpgMarcus soon joined us downstairs and, upon sight of what Elfie had done, yelled “COOKIES” and picked the chain up and proceeded to pretend to eat them.

20121212-180211.jpg Molly wanted to draw on them, and of course I agreed, she even added the hearts as bows in the gingerbread girls’ hair. Thomas was as equally excited as the other two and proclaimed that he must make spiders to go along with the rest of the paper chains. I must say his spiders totally put my cookies and trees to shame.

As the day progressed, I learned that it is “Dozen Day” 12/12/12. I quickly searched some printables on my iPhone and wifi printed them to our printer while the kids ate breakfast, laminated some fun math game about the number 12 and gathered some things to accompany them off our Montessori shelves.

20121212-183404.jpgThe kids were totally into it. As I explained to them that another day like today will happen once a century, I thought to myself that it really only happens once a lifetime.
20121212-180248.jpg At that moment, I promised myself that I would cherish every second.

Gingerbread Village

20121211-195826.jpgYesterday we awoke to Elfie reading christmas stories, today we found her reading instructions on how to build gingerbread houses.

20121211-195954.jpgThe kids were happy to help Elfie out by showing her how it’s done.

20121211-200019.jpgWhen they were complete, we had some pretty good looking houses…

20121211-200055.jpgThat is until they ate them devoured them like Godzilla.

Sharing Stories


This morning the kids found Elfie reading to their stuffed animals who must have snuck out during the night to hear Christmas stories on the sofa.

The kids quickly joined in, and we had a nice time reading all of our Christmas favorites. Yay, Elfie!


Letters to Santa


20121209-152927.jpgElfie showed up this morning on the dining room table with holiday paper, colorful pencils and even glitter envelopes!




She sparked all three kids excitement for writing letters to Santa. I’m surprised and excited for all the things they’ve asked for. Santa’s elves have their work cut out for them; the kids certainly have quite a list going on!