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Raising Litterateurs {aka… my kids LOVE books!}

Every time Autumn comes rolling in, I feel a need to evaluate our curricula. Seeing what is working for us, and what we’d rather do without, is a vital part of keeping our homeschooling not only educational, but fun. This year, we took a modified summer approach to our schooling, choosing one day a week to cover the “essentials”, we really were able to fully emerge in the topic of the day {my favorite being a tie between History Fridays and Nature Wednesdays}. Another thing that I discovered is that, although we chose to focus on just one topic each day, reading time every day was solidly carved into our lives and we would naturally gravitate towards ‘quiet time’ and story telling to one another, especially when the kids recieved a new book. These two realizations are what brings me to this post.

When I sat down to see what we loved day to day, and what the kids naturally gravitated to, the answer was clear… BOOKS. More more often than not? Usborne books. From our history lessons to our free reading time. When learning about how our body works to exploring the world atlas, the resources we reached for time and again was our Usborne books!

This massively awesome pile or reference books is just the ones we’ve used in the last week. So when it came time to order up some new resources for school time this August, when we started back at full schedule homeschooling, I decided not only to order, but to sign up to be a consultant myself. I cannot explain how exciting this all has been for everyone in my home. We cannot wait to share our favorite books and show you how we incorporate them into our day to day. ¬†Be sure to follow along with me here and if you really want to get in on some fun specials and secret insider {think me being silly with all the kids on FB live} join my litterateur¬†group on Facebook!